10th Indonesia National Championship Final, Banjarmasin 1969 

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Qualification. 1969.??.??-?. 4 pools. Round Robin 9 rounds. 36 players.
Final. 1969.??.??-?. Round Robin 13 rounds. 13 players.

The event would be long remembered. It not only reached a milestone (10th) and was held in ‘a chess city’ Banjarmasin, South Borneo, but also became a witness to the emerging of the best Indonesian player for years to come. He was Ardiansyah, a 17-year-old high school graduate from Malang, East Java.

The 10th National Championship employed the same system as the previous one. In the qualification rounds 36 players were divided equally in 4 pools. They competed in 9-round Round Robin with 3 players qualified from each pool to the final phase where the defending champion, Arovah Bachtiar, had already waited.

The overall outcome of the event did not favor the host. South Borneo could only manage to have 2 finalists. The host’s best bet Arovah was humbled on 4th. The other, the experienced Munir, sat on the cellar. On the hindsight the host found a new star in the eventual champion Ardiansyah, a Banjarmasin born. Not long after the championship Ardiansyah could be persuaded to move back to his native city.

The event also served as a selection to choose Indonesian representatives for FIDE Zonal 10 tournament. In this event Ardiansyah and Wotulo became number 4 and 3 respectively. FIDE awarded IM title to both players based on these results.


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