11th Indonesia National Championship Final, Jakarta 1970 

 11th Indonesia National Championship Final Play-Off, Jakarta 1970 

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Final. 1970.??.??-?. Round Robin 13 rounds. 13 players.
Final Play-off. 1970.??.??-?. Match 2 rounds. 2 players.

The question on everybody lips ahead of the championship started was, could Ardiansyah defend the title? At the time the reigning champion Ardiansyah was still a teenager, 18 years old. Unlike the previous National Championship he entered the event not as a non-master anymore but as one of the three only Indonesian IMs following his success in the FIDE Zonal 10 Tournament 1969.

Ardiansyah proved that his last year win was no fluke. He won the National Championship second time in a row although this time he had a fierce challenge from the in-form-again Eddy Rusli (aka Ong Yok Hwa), the 1964 National Champion. Both players ended up with the same VP. The play-off between two players also ended in a tie 1-1. Ardiansyah was declared as the National Champion based on the better SB.

Jakarta and South Borneo showed their prowess through out the championship. Each had 4 players in the final phase. None of them finished outside the big 10. On the contrary the event turned out badly for North Sumatera which didn’t have any representative at all in the final. It was pity because the province was still considered as a chess power house in Indonesia.


  • Putaran Ketiga Sirkuit Grandmaster Asia Pertama 1978
  • Sejarah Catur Indonesia 1986 (Ds FKN Harahap)

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