12th Indonesia National Championship, Padang 1971 
 1   Bachtiar, ArovahBachtiar, Arovah
Photo of Arovah BachtiarFIDE ID: 7100205.
POB: Banjarmasin Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1934.03.25.
Peak Elo: 2400 (1971).
 7100205 Flag of Indonesia 2400  Kalimantan Selatan   9.5 
 2   ArdiansyahArdiansyah
Photo of ArdiansyahFIDE ID: 7100027.
POB: Banjarmasin Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1951.12.05.
Peak Elo: 2480 (1987).
 7100027 Flag of Indonesia m 2340  Kalimantan Selatan   9.0 
 3   Sampouw, Jacobus SawandarSampouw, Jacobus Sawandar
Photo of Jacobus Sawandar SampouwFIDE ID: 7100256.
 7100256 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta   8.5 
 4   Turalakey, FransTuralakey, Frans
Photo of Frans Turalakey
 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta   8.5 
 5   Gozali, RidwanGozali, Ridwan
Photo of Ridwan Gozali
 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta   7.0 
 6   Silalahi, Nalom LPSilalahi, Nalom LP
Photo of Nalom LP Silalahi
 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta   6.5 
 7   Oentoro, TohaOentoro, Toha
Photo of Toha OentoroDOB: 1943.10.23.
 Flag of Indonesia  Jawa Timur   6.5 
 8   Pitono, Rudy RoyPitono, Rudy Roy
Photo of Rudy Roy Pitono
 Flag of Indonesia  Jawa Tengah   5.0 
 9   Suwandhio, EddySuwandhio, Eddy
Photo of Eddy SuwandhioFIDE ID: 7101104.
 7101104 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta   5.0 
 10   Hamdan AHHamdan AH
Photo of Hamdan AH
 Flag of Indonesia 2300  Kalimantan Selatan   4.0 
 11   Rasjid, HuseinRasjid, Husein
Photo of Husein Rasjid
 Flag of Indonesia  Kalimantan Timur   3.5 
 12   Susilo, Siswoko ArieSusilo, Siswoko Arie
Photo of Siswoko Arie Susilo
 Flag of Indonesia  Jawa Tengah   3.0 
 13   Sumampouw, BSumampouw, B
Photo of B Sumampouw
 Flag of Indonesia  Sulawesi Tengah   2.0 
 VP: Victory points.

No games available.

1971.??.??-?. Round Robin 13 rounds. 13 players. NM titles: Frans Turalakey, Ridwan Gozali.

The old guard was back. It was too early to write off a veteran Arovah Bachtiar although he had been humbled in the last two National Chess Championships by his younger counterpart, IM Ardiansyah. Arovah won the National Championship crown for the fourth time. His first was almost two decades ago in 1953, a model of a consistency that was hard to match.

The reigning champion Ardiansyah saved some honors by placing himself at second, half a point adrift from Arovah. But the result certainly wasn’t good enough for the best player in Indonesia. Ardiansyah was quite young (20-year old). More importantly he didn’t face stronger oppositions compared to the previous National Championships. The last year National Championship was even more difficult to win with in-form Eddy Rusli and Kuntoro Bessaria playing. What happened to Ardiansyah?

Percasi (All Indonesia Chess Federation) awarded the National Master title to the big five. Arovah, Ardiansyah, and Jacobus had already been titled players, so the honor went to Frans Turalakey and Ridwan Gozali.

FIDE officially published the Elo rating list for the first time on January 1st that year. Indonesia had four players on the list. Three players were competing in the event. The other was IM Max Arie Wotulo at 2330. Take a look at Arovah’s Elo of 2400. Back then only a handful of players in Asia-Pacific that had a higher Elo.


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  • Chess Informant 11 1971
  • Chess Maniac
  • Putaran Ketiga Sirkuit Grandmaster Asia Pertama 1978
  • Sejarah Catur Indonesia 1986 (Ds FKN Harahap)

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