1st Gunadarma League 1st Leg Masters, Jakarta 2002 
 1   Megaranto, SusantoMegaranto, Susanto
Photo of Susanto MegarantoFIDE ID: 7101384.
POB: Indramayu Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1987.10.08.
Peak Elo: 2569 (2007).
 7101384 Flag of Indonesia 2364   8.0 
 2   Handoko, EdhiHandoko, Edhi
Photo of Edhi HandokoFIDE ID: 7100043.
POB: Solo Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1960.08.28.
DOD: 2009.02.17.
Peak Elo: 2520 (1993).
 7100043 Flag of Indonesia g 2431   7.5 
 3   Wahono, AwamWahono, Awam
Photo of Awam WahonoFIDE ID: 7100760.
POB: Pekalongan Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1963.12.21.
Peak Elo: 2405 (2000).
 7100760 Flag of Indonesia f 2386   7.5 
 4   Purba, CornelisPurba, Cornelis
Photo of Cornelis PurbaFIDE ID: 7101740.
DOD: 1970.
Peak Elo: 2203 (2005).
 7101740 Flag of Indonesia    
 5   The, Irwanto SadikinThe, Irwanto Sadikin
Photo of Irwanto Sadikin TheFIDE ID: 7100590.
DOB: 1970.08.06.
Peak Elo: 2517 (2005).
 7100590 Flag of Indonesia f 2362    
 6   Firdaus, MaksumFirdaus, Maksum
Photo of Maksum FirdausFIDE ID: 7100833.
POB: Medan Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1967.02.23.
 7100833 Flag of Indonesia f 2301    
 7   Tedy, SukirmanTedy, Sukirman
Photo of Sukirman TedyFIDE ID: 7100175.
 7100175 Flag of Indonesia f 2293    
 8   Silalahi, FernandoSilalahi, Fernando
Photo of Fernando Silalahi
 Flag of Indonesia    
 9   Tan, Liong Soe ArisTan, Liong Soe Aris
Photo of Liong Soe Aris TanFIDE ID: 7100663.
DOB: 1968.
Peak Elo: 2285 (1996).
 7100663 Flag of Indonesia 2269    
 10   Sucipto, HaryadiSucipto, Haryadi
Photo of Haryadi SuciptoFIDE ID: 7100779.
 7100779 Flag of Indonesia 2230    
 11   Majella, Yoseph RudijantoMajella, Yoseph Rudijanto
Photo of Yoseph Rudijanto MajellaFIDE ID: 7100680.
 7100680 Flag of Indonesia 2383    
 12   Prayitno, SugengPrayitno, Sugeng
Photo of Sugeng PrayitnoFIDE ID: 7101112.
 7101112 Flag of Indonesia 2333    
 13   Gunawan, JohanGunawan, Johan
Photo of Johan GunawanFIDE ID: 7100744.
 7100744 Flag of Indonesia 2270    
 14   Hartono, RusdiHartono, Rusdi
Photo of Rusdi HartonoFIDE ID: 7101708.
 7101708 Flag of Indonesia    
 15   Salim, AgusSalim, Agus
Photo of Agus SalimFIDE ID: 7100981.
 7100981 Flag of Indonesia    
 16   Supriyono, EkoSupriyono, Eko
Photo of Eko SupriyonoFIDE ID: 7100701.
 7100701 Flag of Indonesia 2256    
 17   JamaludinJamaludin
Photo of JamaludinFIDE ID: 7101716.
 7101716 Flag of Indonesia    
 18   Suryadi, DediSuryadi, Dedi
Photo of Dedi SuryadiFIDE ID: 7101813.
 7101813 Flag of Indonesia    
 19   Agusta, LaksanaAgusta, Laksana
Photo of Laksana AgustaFIDE ID: 7102941.
 7102941 Flag of Indonesia    
 20   NoersijoNoersijo
Photo of
 n/a Flag of Indonesia    
 21   Susilodinata, AndreanSusilodinata, Andrean
Photo of Andrean SusilodinataFIDE ID: 7101651.
 7101651 Flag of Indonesia 2244    
 22   Panggabean, HasianPanggabean, Hasian
Photo of Hasian PanggabeanFIDE ID: 7101023.
DOB: 1962.
Peak Elo: 2254 (2006).
 7101023 Flag of Indonesia 2088    
 23   Harun, Anderson YHarun, Anderson Y
Photo of Anderson Y HarunFIDE ID: 7101686.
 7101686 Flag of Indonesia    
 24   Hartoyo, SuyudHartoyo, Suyud
Photo of Suyud HartoyoFIDE ID: 7102704.
 7102704 Flag of Indonesia    
... (32 players)
 VP: Victory points.

 1st Gunadarma League 1st Leg Women & Non-Masters, Jakarta 2002 

PGN 2019.12.31. 1 game. Incomplete. Please help us to complete the games.

2002.06.22-23. Swiss 9 rounds. Rapid g/25.
Masters. 32 players.
Women & Non-Masters. 72 players.

Gunadarma have been relentlessly treating Indonesian chess fans with a plethora of chess events over decades. In the year of 2002 they came up with an event in a new format, an individual chess league. The league was planned to have 8 legs. The best 24 players from master and 8 from woman & non-master group would go to the grand final. The first leg took place at Wisma Catur (House of Chess), KONI DKI Building, Jakarta on June 22-23, 2002.

Fifteen year old Susanto Megaranto took the master group by storm. He let only two draws and no losses during the tournament. He scored convincing 8 VP. Almost everybody knew that Megaranto was such a promising player but his victory on top of the then best Indonesian players in the likes of GM Edhi Handoko, FM Awam Wahono, and FM Irwanto Sadikin was quite surprising.

The pre-tournament favorite Handoko and Wahono saved some honors on the runner-up positions scoring half a point behind Megaranto. The moment of truth for Handoko came in the last round against Megaranto. The only GM in this event still had a chance to claim the first place should he beat his younger opponent. Unfortunately Handoko couldn’t capitalize anything and had to settle for a draw.

The 1992 ASEAN University Student Champion, Arfan Khaidar of Pekalongan, Central Java, conquered the woman & non-master group. His province fella, Andreas Susanto of Semarang, placed on the 2nd. The only woman who passed through the big 8 was Evi Lindiawati of DKI Jakarta.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Susanto MegarantoWhite
Susanto Megaranto
Flag of Indonesia 2364
Photo of Irwanto Sadikin TheBlack
Irwanto Sadikin The
Flag of Indonesia f 2362

1st Gunadarma League 1st Leg Masters
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 2002.06.22 Round 6
1-0 C95 Closed Ruy Lopez: Breyer Variation with 10.d4


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