1st Indonesia National Age Group Championship U19, Medan 1975 

No games available.

1975.11.??-?. Round Robin 7 rounds. 8 players.

The city of Medan, North Sumatera, had an honor to host the 1st Indonesia National Age Group Chess Championship (at the time called Junior Chess Championship). The inaugural of the championship held only one section, U19.

Eight players of seven provinces participated. Erwanto Wahjoewidajat represented the Special Capital Region of Jakarta. Tommy Supriyanto and Edhi Handoko played for the Special Region of Yogyakarta and Central Java respectively. A chess powerhouse South Borneo pinned their hope to Zainal Arifin. Three provinces in Sumatera sent their players in the likes of Noviar Rizal, Amir Syarifuddin, Robert Sitorus, and Ph Sitorus. The last two players were from the host North Sumatera while Rizal was from South Sumatera and Syarifuddin was from West Sumatera.

The convincing winner was Tommy Supriyanto. He only let one draw and won the other 6 games. He scored staggering 6.5 VP. Edhi Handoko and Erwanto Wahjoewidajat split the runner-up position. They both collected 5 VP. The host didn’t do too well. Their players placed in the bottom half of the table.

The big three of the championship had developed into respectable players in Indonesia. Tommy Supriyanto has been a well known national master and tournament player in DKI Jakarta over the years. Erwanto Wahjoewidajat, an elder brother of GM Utut Adianto, although has a relatively short career, has an NM title under his belt. He once represented Indonesia in the U26 World Team Chess Championship, Graz, Austria 1981. The late Edhi Handoko needs no introduction. He became a GM and one of the all-time Indonesian best players.


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