1st Indonesia National Championship, Solo 1953 
 1   Bachtiar, ArovahBachtiar, Arovah
Photo of Arovah BachtiarFIDE ID: 7100205.
POB: Banjarmasin Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1934.03.25.
Peak Elo: 2400 (1971).
 7100205 Flag of Indonesia  Banjarmasin 
 2   Ang, Tjing SingAng, Tjing Sing
Photo of Tjing Sing Ang
 Flag of Indonesia  Pekalongan 
 3   Rachmat, HajiRachmat, Haji
Photo of Haji Rachmat
 Flag of Indonesia  Solo 
 4   Saleh, MSaleh, M
Photo of M Saleh
 Flag of Indonesia  Magelang 
 5   Tan, Ek TjoeTan, Ek Tjoe
Photo of Ek Tjoe Tan
 Flag of Indonesia  Tegal 
 6   Maksum, HajiMaksum, Haji
Photo of Haji Maksum
 Flag of Indonesia  Solo 
 7   SuliantoroSuliantoro
Photo of Suliantoro
 Flag of Indonesia  Ujung Pandang 
 8   DarmadiDarmadi
Photo of Darmadi
 Flag of Indonesia  Semarang 
 9   Aziz, AbdulAziz, Abdul
Photo of Abdul Aziz
 Flag of Indonesia  Yogyakarta 

No games available. Please help us to complete the games.

1953.??.??-?. 9 players.

We have controversies surrounding the first Indonesia National Championship. Some say that the event was held at Semarang 1952. The others point out to a championship at Solo 1953. We are going to follow the latter since it is officially approved by Percasi (All Indonesia Chess Federation).

Champions from eight cities participated in the first Indonesia National Chess Championship, Solo 1953. The host had a privilege to register two representatives. Arovah Bachtiar from Banjarmasin claimed the title. Arovah was only 19-year old in contrast to elderly Haji Rachmat and Haji Maksum. Haji Maksum was the winner in previously mentioned chess championship at Semarang 1952.

The entry of Baris M Hutagalung, the Jakarta Champion, was denied because of unnecessary misunderstandings. It’s pity considering he was the de facto strongest player in Indonesia at that time.


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  • Putaran Ketiga Sirkuit Grandmaster Asia Pertama 1978

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