1st Indonesia Women National Championship, Yogyakarta 1978 
 1   Maria, HanikMaria, Hanik
Photo of Hanik Maria
 Flag of Indonesia  Jawa Tengah 
 2   Pontoh, BettyPontoh, Betty
Photo of Betty Pontoh
 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta 
 3   ImasnitiImasniti
Photo of ImasnitiFIDE ID: 7101090.
DOB: 1949.
 7101090 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta 
 4   Mun'yatiMun'yati
Photo of Mun'yatiFIDE ID: 7100418.
 7100418 Flag of Indonesia  Jawa Tengah 
 5   Nurachmanti, TatiNurachmanti, Tati
Photo of Tati Nurachmanti
 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta 
 6   Wijaya, NanikWijaya, Nanik
Photo of Nanik WijayaFIDE ID: 7100388.
 7100388 Flag of Indonesia  DI Yogyakarta 
 7   Situmeang, LamriaSitumeang, Lamria
Photo of Lamria Situmeang
 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta 
 8   Sulistyani, EndangSulistyani, Endang
Photo of Endang Sulistyani
 Flag of Indonesia  Jawa Tengah 
 9   Yashinta, EviYashinta, Evi
Photo of Evi Yashinta
 Flag of Indonesia  DI Yogyakarta 
 10   Arimurwarni, ListyoArimurwarni, Listyo
Photo of Listyo Arimurwarni
 Flag of Indonesia  Jawa Tengah 
 11   Tamin, Darmayanti DTamin, Darmayanti D
Photo of Darmayanti D TaminFIDE ID: 7100396.
DOB: 1963.
 7100396 Flag of Indonesia  DKI Jakarta 
 12   Danawati, IswariDanawati, Iswari
Photo of Iswari Danawati
 Flag of Indonesia  DI Yogyakarta 
 13   PaulusPaulus
Photo of Paulus
 Flag of Indonesia  DI Yogyakarta 
 14   Purwanti, Irene RiniPurwanti, Irene Rini
Photo of Irene Rini Purwanti
 Flag of Indonesia  DI Yogyakarta 
 15   Sumarni, BingahSumarni, Bingah
Photo of Bingah Sumarni
 Flag of Indonesia  DI Yogyakarta 
 16   Pujiastuti, SriPujiastuti, Sri
Photo of Sri Pujiastuti
 Flag of Indonesia  DI Yogyakarta 

No games available.

1978.09.??-?. 16 players.

The event was held at the same time and venue as the qualification phase of the 18th National and the 3rd National Junior Championships.

Albeit only three provinces participated, the inaugural of Indonesia National Women Chess Championship didn’t lack of quality players. Hanik Maria and Mun’yati represented Central Java while Nanik Wijaya led the team of the host, DI Yogyakarta, which was packed with 7 players. DKI Jakarta sent their best players in the likes of Betty Pontoh, Imasniti, Tati Nurachmanti, Lamria Situmeang, and Darmayanti Tamin. Those players of DKI Jakarta were among the country’s best.

The result was rather surprising. None of DKI Jakarta’s players came on the top. Hanik Maria of Central Java won the honor to be crowned as the first Indonesia National Women Chess Champion. She was alone in the top of table above more favorable players. DKI Jakarta’s Betty Pontoh, Imasniti, and Tati Nurachmanti ranked in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th respectively. Mun’yati was at 5th. Nanik Wijaya placed at 6th. The future Indonesian star, the teenager Darmayanti Tamin, learned a hard lesson. She was found herself at 11th.

Darmayanti Tamin, Nanik Wijaya, and Mun’yati chess careers took a hike during 1980s. They were part of Indonesia team for Chess Olympiads 1982-6.


  • Putaran Ketiga Sirkuit Grandmaster Asia Pertama 1978
  • Sejarah Catur Indonesia 1986 (Ds FKN Harahap)

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