1st Tri Dharma Cup, Bojonegoro 1995 
 1   Pramudhito, ArkoPramudhito, Arko
Photo of
 n/a Flag of Indonesia   8.0 
 2   Suheri, NessySuheri, Nessy
Photo of Nessy Suheri
 Flag of Indonesia   7.5 
 3   BuntoroBuntoro
Photo of Buntoro
 Flag of Indonesia   7.5 
 4   Adfa, J HeruAdfa, J Heru
Photo of J Heru Adfa
 Flag of Indonesia   7.0 
 5   Abubakar, NurdinAbubakar, Nurdin
Photo of Nurdin AbubakarFIDE ID: 7100736.
 7100736 Flag of Indonesia   7.0 
 6   Yanuar, ArifYanuar, Arif
Photo of Arif Yanuar
 Flag of Indonesia   6.5 
 7   Martowanto, DwiMartowanto, Dwi
Photo of Dwi Martowanto
 Flag of Indonesia   6.5 
 8   Irianto, DebetIrianto, Debet
Photo of Debet IriantoFIDE ID: 7112718.
 7112718 Flag of Indonesia   6.5 
 9   Thoharoh, SaifudThoharoh, Saifud
Photo of Saifud Thoharoh
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 10   Nursanto, RidwanNursanto, Ridwan
Photo of Ridwan NursantoFIDE ID: 7107633.
 7107633 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 11   Masruchan, AliMasruchan, Ali
Photo of Ali Masruchan
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 12   Suryanto, Sutadi HadiSuryanto, Sutadi Hadi
Photo of Sutadi Hadi Suryanto
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 13   Kusnan, PardiKusnan, Pardi
Photo of
 n/a Flag of Indonesia   5.5 
 14   Handoko, Irawan SuryoHandoko, Irawan Suryo
Photo of Irawan Suryo Handoko
 Flag of Indonesia   5.5 
 15   SumadyoSumadyo
Photo of Sumadyo
 Flag of Indonesia   5.5 
... (80 players)
 VP: Victory points.

PGN 2020.03.11. 2 games. Incomplete. Please help us to complete the games.

1995.09.10-14. Swiss 9 rounds. 80 players.

Bojonegoro, a city in East Java, held a national chess event for the first time. The event drew attentions of 80 players from five provinces. The players came from East Java, Central Java, DI Yogyakarta, Bali, and West Nusa Tenggara.

East Java, Central Java, and Yogyakarta practically sent their strongest players. NM Nessy Suheri and NM Agus Suboro led bunch of players of East Java. Central Java pinned their best bet to NM Buntoro. Yogyakarta had almost all of their best players in the arena: PM (Percasi master) Sumadyo, PM Heru Adfa, Arko Pramudhito, Ridwan Nursanto, Arif Yanuar, etc. PM Pardi Kusnan and Nurdin Abubakar were the solo representatives of Bali and West Nusa Tenggara respectively.

Buntoro and Nessy Suheri with their vast exeperience became the hot favorites to win the event. Unfortunately they lost important points in the early rounds. Buntoro surprisingly lost to a Bojonegoro player, non-master Alang Harsono, in the first round. Nessy had to settle with a draw against Arko Pramudhito. The latter finally won the championship trophy after collecting 8 VP. Nessy and Buntoro shared the second place with 7.5 VP each.

The successful event gave an ideal start for the subsequent ones. The chess community of Bojonegoro continues showing their support to the game they love by regularly holding chess national events to date.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of BuntoroWhite
Flag of Indonesia
Photo of Alang HarsonoBlack
Alang Harsono
Flag of Indonesia

1st Tri Dharma Cup
Bojonegoro Flag of Indonesia 1995.09.10 Round 1
0-1 D33 Tarrasch Defence: 6.g3 sidelines


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