2nd DKI Jakarta Invitational NMs, Jakarta 1982 

 2nd DKI Jakarta Invitational Non Masters, Jakarta 1982 

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Master & Non-master. 1982.01.07-21. Round Robin 11 rounds. 12 players.

IM Ardiansyah owned Jakarta in those years around. He practically swept over chess competitions at the city. This tournament was no exception.

Ardiansyah won the master section quite easily with 1.5 points cushion to the runner-up Sutan Aritonang, 1980 National Champion. Aside from Ardiansyah and Aritonang the event was fully loaded by many strong players. Utut Adianto was this year National Champion. Jacobus Sampouw was 1972 National Champion. Tommy Supriyanto was 1975 Junior National Champion. MHS Nainggolan, Hamdan AH, and Eddy Suwandhio were Chess Olympians.

The non-master section was co-championed by Edward L Tobing and Harry Siregar.

The tournament was a warm-up for Ardiansyah and Jacobus Sampouw before they played in the 1st First Lady’s Cup in February. The event was a gigantic tournament held at two cities with no less than 26 players competing in round robin.

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Photo of Utut Adianto WahjoewidajatWhite
Utut Adianto Wahjoewidajat
Flag of Indonesia
Photo of ArdiansyahBlack
Flag of Indonesia m 2395

2nd DKI Jakarta Invitational NMs
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1982.01.??
0-1 B95 Sicilian Najdorf: 6.Bg5 e6


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