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2016.05.17-22. Swiss 11 rounds. 267 players.

Kejaksaan Tinggi Jawa Timur (Office of High Prosecutor General of East Java) in collaboration with Percasi (All Indonesia Chess Federation) held an open chess tournament for the second time. It was very successful with 267 players from 4 countries (Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Philippine, and Malaysia) participating. The driving force behind it was no other than the Head of the Office himself, Elieser Sahat Maruli Hutagalung. The love of chess seems run in his family. His uncle, Baris Hutagalung, had been Indonesian’s best chess player during 1950-60.

As predicted the first seed GM Susato Megaranto won the tournament. He had the same VP (9.5) with FM Anjas Novita but with the better tie-break (Buchholz). The host’s young guns also did well to make the cut for the big ten. They were IM Muhammad Lutfi Ali (19 year old) at 4th place, FM Masruri Rahman (20) at 5th, Yoseph Theolifus Taher (17) at 7th, and FM Azarya Jodi Setaki (18) at 10th.

The champion GM Susanto Megaranto with the trophy, Surabaya 2016. Photo ©
The champion GM Susanto Megaranto with the trophy, Surabaya 2016. Photo ©

Except IM Haridas Pascua at 3rd, the foreign players couldn’t do much. Pascua got hammered by unheralded Hans Pusung in round 6. His country fella, IM Oliver Dimaking, had a worse fate. He lost twice (to Imat Suhermat and Anjas Novita) and was knocked out of the big ten.

If we take a closer look at the standing table we will see a peculiar tie-break choice. The organizer opted for Bucholz to take precedence over the number of victories which was against FIDE recommendation. Should they do vice versa, the standings would change dramatically. For example the champion would be Anjas Novita instead of Susanto Megaranto.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Mochamad ErvanWhite
Mochamad Ervan
Flag of Indonesia f 2335
Photo of Anjas NovitaBlack
Anjas Novita
Flag of Indonesia f 2346

2nd Kajati Jatim Cup FMs
Surabaya Flag of Indonesia 2016.05.22 Round 11.1
0-1 B80 Sicilian: Najdorf, Byrne (English) Attack

Photo of Hans PusungWhite
Hans Pusung
Flag of Indonesia 2219
Photo of Haridas PascuaBlack
Haridas Pascua
Flag of Philippines m 2428

2nd Kajati Jatim Cup FMs
Surabaya Flag of Indonesia 2016.05.19 Round 5.3
1-0 B23 Sicilian: Closed, 2…Nc6


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