2nd Lampung Festival, Bandar Lampung 2009 
 1   Megaranto, SusantoMegaranto, Susanto
Photo of Susanto MegarantoFIDE ID: 7101384.
POB: Indramayu Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1987.10.08.
Peak Elo: 2569 (2007).
 7101384 Flag of Indonesia g 2549   8.0 
 2   KasmiranKasmiran
Photo of KasmiranFIDE ID: 7100620.
 7100620 Flag of Indonesia f 2335   7.5 
 3   Firdaus, MaksumFirdaus, Maksum
Photo of Maksum FirdausFIDE ID: 7100833.
POB: Medan Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1967.02.23.
 7100833 Flag of Indonesia f 2269   7.0 
 4   Wahono, AwamWahono, Awam
Photo of Awam WahonoFIDE ID: 7100760.
POB: Pekalongan Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1963.12.21.
Peak Elo: 2405 (2000).
 7100760 Flag of Indonesia f 2391   7.0 
 5   Situru, Muhammad IvanSituru, Muhammad Ivan
Photo of Muhammad Ivan SituruFIDE ID: 7100426.
DOB: 1963.
Peak Elo: 2420 (1995).
 7100426 Flag of Indonesia m 2358   6.5 
 6   Lioe, DedeLioe, Dede
Photo of Dede LioeFIDE ID: 7100566.
DOB: 1970.03.09.
Peak Elo: 2425 (1995).
 7100566 Flag of Indonesia m 2419   6.5 
 7   Arifin, NeviArifin, Nevi
Photo of Nevi Arifin
 Flag of Indonesia   6.5 
 8   Cuhendi, Sean WinshandCuhendi, Sean Winshand
Photo of Sean Winshand CuhendiFIDE ID: 7101554.
POB: Bekasi Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1997.11.05.
Peak Elo: 2452 (2015).
 7101554 Flag of Indonesia   6.5 
 9   Doni, YoanDoni, Yoan
Photo of Yoan Doni
 Flag of Indonesia   6.5 
 10   Siswandi, JohanSiswandi, Johan
Photo of Johan Siswandi
 Flag of Indonesia   6.5 
 11   TirtoTirto
Photo of TirtoFIDE ID: 7101058.
DOB: 1965.08.31.
Peak Elo: 2429 (2006).
 7101058 Flag of Indonesia m 2409   6.5 
 12   Gunawan, RonnyGunawan, Ronny
Photo of Ronny GunawanFIDE ID: 7100035.
DOB: 1960.03.01.
Peak Elo: 2460 (1984).
 7100035 Flag of Indonesia m 2420   6.5 
 13   ArdiansyahArdiansyah
Photo of ArdiansyahFIDE ID: 7100027.
POB: Banjarmasin Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1951.12.05.
Peak Elo: 2480 (1987).
 7100027 Flag of Indonesia g 2392   6.5 
 14   Siregar, Muhammad IkhsanSiregar, Muhammad Ikhsan
Photo of Muhammad Ikhsan Siregar
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 15   The, Irwanto SadikinThe, Irwanto Sadikin
Photo of Irwanto Sadikin TheFIDE ID: 7100590.
DOB: 1970.08.06.
Peak Elo: 2517 (2005).
 7100590 Flag of Indonesia m 2442   6.0 
 16   Tan, Liong Soe ArisTan, Liong Soe Aris
Photo of Liong Soe Aris TanFIDE ID: 7100663.
DOB: 1968.
Peak Elo: 2285 (1996).
 7100663 Flag of Indonesia 2241   6.0 
 17   NofianNofian
Photo of Nofian
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 18   Simbolon, FirmanSimbolon, Firman
Photo of Firman SimbolonFIDE ID: 7104120.
 7104120 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 19   Acun BWAcun BW
Photo of Acun BW
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 20   JaswanJaswan
Photo of Jaswan
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 21   Candra, RudiCandra, Rudi
Photo of Rudi Candra
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 22   RahmansyahRahmansyah
Photo of Rahmansyah
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 23   Sadikin, AliSadikin, Ali
Photo of Ali SadikinFIDE ID: 7103905.
 7103905 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 24   Hutagaol, PanathanHutagaol, Panathan
Photo of Panathan HutagaolFIDE ID: 7100990.
 7100990 Flag of Indonesia 2253   6.0 
 25   Supriyanto, TommySupriyanto, Tommy
Photo of Tommy SupriyantoFIDE ID: 7100728.
 7100728 Flag of Indonesia 2215   6.0 
 26   Hazbullah, HermanHazbullah, Herman
Photo of Herman Hazbullah
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 27   Wijaya, AgusWijaya, Agus
Photo of Agus Wijaya
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 28   Suhendar, InuSuhendar, Inu
Photo of Inu Suhendar
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 29   GuritnoGuritno
Photo of Guritno
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 30   Sitanggang, KSitanggang, K
Photo of K Sitanggang
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
... (104 players)
 VP: Victory points.

No games available.

2009.03.24-28. Swiss 9 rounds. g/90′. 104 players.

How often do you see a 10-year old kid beating a GM in a tournament? Muhammad Ikhsan Siregar did just that in the 2nd Lampung Chess Festival 2009. He beat GM Ardiansyah in 53 moves at 8th round. The win also meant a Percasi (All Indonesia Chess Federation) Master norm for him.

Ikhsan was not the only player who got a norm. The tournament had an avalanche of norms. Eleven players successfully pocketed their norms, four grabbed NM norms and seven nailed PM norms. Among those gainers, eight came from the host. To get an NM norm a player needed to score 6.5 VP. A PM norm was half a point less.

Lampung Chess Festival 2009. Photo © Indochess.
Lampung Chess Festival 2009. Photo © Indochess.

The tournament itself was won by the first seed GM Susanto Megaranto. Until the penultimate round three players followed Susanto closely, FM Kasmiran, IM Dede Lioe, and IM Muhammad Ivan Situru. In the last round Ivan and Dede lost while Kasmiran won. But those results didn’t really matter since Susanto won his last game to ensure him the first place. Another GM in this event, Ardiansyah had a disappointing result at 13th. The second seed IM Irwanto Sadikin had worst place at 15th.

The tournament was part of the birthday celebration of the Lampung province. It was no coincidence since the chairman of Percasi for Lampung province, Syamsurya Ryacudu, was also the governor of the province. He was an NM himself.


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