3rd Indonesia National Championship Final, Jakarta 1955 
 1   Hutagalung, Baris MHutagalung, Baris M
Photo of Baris M Hutagalung
 Flag of Indonesia  Jakarta   10.0 
 2   Lim, Hong GieLim, Hong Gie
Photo of Lim Hong GiePOB: Jakarta Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1940.06.20.
 Flag of Indonesia  Jakarta   9.5 
 3   Wotulo, Max ArieWotulo, Max Arie
Photo of Max Arie WotuloFIDE ID: 7102747.
POB: Langoan Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1932.08.05.
DOD: 2000.
 7102747 Flag of Indonesia  Ujung Pandang   9.5 
 4   Ang, Tjing SingAng, Tjing Sing
Photo of Tjing Sing Ang
 Flag of Indonesia  Pekalongan   8.5 
 5   Bachtiar, ArovahBachtiar, Arovah
Photo of Arovah BachtiarFIDE ID: 7100205.
POB: Banjarmasin Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1934.03.25.
Peak Elo: 2400 (1971).
 7100205 Flag of Indonesia  Banjarmasin   7.5 
 6   Nainggolan, Manuntun Halomoan SofjanNainggolan, Manuntun Halomoan Sofjan
Photo of Manuntun Halomoan Sofjan NainggolanDOB: 1935.02.20.
 Flag of Indonesia  Jakarta   7.0 
 7   Cholis, MohammadCholis, Mohammad
Photo of Mohammad Cholis
 Flag of Indonesia  Semarang   7.0 
 8   Saleh, MSaleh, M
Photo of M Saleh
 Flag of Indonesia  Magelang   6.0 
 9   RachmatRachmat
Photo of Rachmat
 Flag of Indonesia  Solo   6.0 
 10   Aziz, AbdulAziz, Abdul
Photo of Abdul Aziz
 Flag of Indonesia  Yogyakarta   5.5 
 11   MunirMunir
Photo of Munir
 Flag of Indonesia  Banjarmasin   5.5 
 12   SimanungkalitSimanungkalit
Photo of Simanungkalit
 Flag of Indonesia  Palembang   4.0 
 13   Hoo, Bian KiatHoo, Bian Kiat
Photo of Bian Kiat Hoo
 Flag of Indonesia  Pekalongan   3.5 
 14   SianturiSianturi
Photo of Sianturi
 Flag of Indonesia  Pematang Siantar   0.0 
 VP: Victory points.

PGN 2020.03.01. 1 game. Incomplete. Please help us to complete the games.

Final. 1955.08.??-?. Round Robin 13 rounds. 14 players.

Percasi (All Indonesia Chess Federation) awarded the National Master (NM) title for the first time. Only the big three of the event got the title. So Baris M Hutagalung, Lim Hong Gie (aka Lugito Hayadi), and Max Arie Wotulo became the Indonesian first NMs.

Baris finally could defend his title but not in easy way by all means. He needed help from Arovah Bachtiar in the last round to beat the new kid on the block Lim Hong Gie. Baris had to compete head-to-head neck-to-neck with Lim and now matured Max Arie Wotulo during the tournament. In fact it was Lim who led all the way until penultimate round.

The rising star Lim was only 15-year old. Believe it or not, in the previous year he still played in the Kanisius Junior High School ‘s chess event which was probably more a class meeting rather than a serious championship. One of his first trainers was MHS Nainggolan who also played in this event. Nainggolan respectfully claimed 6th place. Nainggolan himself was …17-year old.

Indonesian chess future suddenly looked bright. Watch out our fresh élite troop. Max was 22-year old, Arovah was 21, Nainggolan was 17, and Lim was only 15. If now Indonesian chess is still stuck in the mud, obviously it is not because of lack of talents.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of RachmatWhite
Flag of Indonesia
Photo of Mohammad CholisBlack
Mohammad Cholis
Flag of Indonesia

3rd Indonesia National Championship
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1955.08.??
1-0 C01 French: Exchange Variation


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