3rd Shahcom Rating, Jakarta 2003 
 1   JamaludinJamaludin
Photo of JamaludinFIDE ID: 7101716.
 7101716 Flag of Indonesia   8.0 
 2   Simanjuntak, HisarSimanjuntak, Hisar
Photo of Hisar SimanjuntakFIDE ID: 7100841.
 7100841 Flag of Indonesia 2094   8.0 
 3   SutarnoSutarno
Photo of SutarnoFIDE ID: 7101139.
 7101139 Flag of Indonesia 2120   8.0 
 4   Purba, CornelisPurba, Cornelis
Photo of Cornelis PurbaFIDE ID: 7101740.
DOD: 1970.
Peak Elo: 2203 (2005).
 7101740 Flag of Indonesia   7.5 
 5   SuryamanSuryaman
Photo of SuryamanFIDE ID: 7101821.
 7101821 Flag of Indonesia   7.5 
 6   Supriyono, EkoSupriyono, Eko
Photo of Eko SupriyonoFIDE ID: 7100701.
 7100701 Flag of Indonesia 2074   7.0 
 7   Susilodinata, AndreanSusilodinata, Andrean
Photo of Andrean SusilodinataFIDE ID: 7101651.
 7101651 Flag of Indonesia 2073   6.5 
 8   Panggabean, HasianPanggabean, Hasian
Photo of Hasian PanggabeanFIDE ID: 7101023.
DOB: 1962.
Peak Elo: 2254 (2006).
 7101023 Flag of Indonesia 2128   6.0 
 9   Hartono, RusdiHartono, Rusdi
Photo of Rusdi HartonoFIDE ID: 7101708.
 7101708 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 10   Taufik ARTaufik AR
Photo of
 n/a Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 11   Rahangiar, JohanRahangiar, Johan
Photo of Johan RahangiarFIDE ID: 7101767.
 7101767 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 12   Sonjaya, DeniSonjaya, Deni
Photo of Deni SonjayaFIDE ID: 7101465.
 7101465 Flag of Indonesia 2103   6.0 
 13   Rahman, HarmaniRahman, Harmani
Photo of Harmani RahmanFIDE ID: 7101775.
 7101775 Flag of Indonesia   6.0 
 14   Supriyanto, TommySupriyanto, Tommy
Photo of Tommy SupriyantoFIDE ID: 7100728.
 7100728 Flag of Indonesia 2095   5.5 
 15   Sucipto, HaryadiSucipto, Haryadi
Photo of Haryadi SuciptoFIDE ID: 7100779.
 7100779 Flag of Indonesia 2106   5.5 
 16   Tan, Liong Soe ArisTan, Liong Soe Aris
Photo of Liong Soe Aris TanFIDE ID: 7100663.
DOB: 1968.
Peak Elo: 2285 (1996).
 7100663 Flag of Indonesia 2021   5.5 
 17   Purwadi, APurwadi, A
Photo of A PurwadiFIDE ID: 7101759.
 7101759 Flag of Indonesia   5.5 
 18   Lantang, RuddyLantang, Ruddy
Photo of Ruddy LantangFIDE ID: 7101309.
 7101309 Flag of Indonesia 2046   5.5 
 19   Sardjono, BingSardjono, Bing
Photo of Bing SardjonoFIDE ID: 7101791.
 7101791 Flag of Indonesia   5.5 
 20   Ramlan, SamuelRamlan, Samuel
Photo of Samuel RamlanFIDE ID: 7101783.
 7101783 Flag of Indonesia   5.0 
 21   Setiawan, IwanSetiawan, Iwan
Photo of Iwan SetiawanFIDE ID: 7101805.
 7101805 Flag of Indonesia   5.0 
 22   Harun, Anderson YHarun, Anderson Y
Photo of Anderson Y HarunFIDE ID: 7101686.
 7101686 Flag of Indonesia   5.0 
 23   Iswana, AchyuIswana, Achyu
Photo of Achyu IswanaFIDE ID: 7100671.
 7100671 Flag of Indonesia 2033   4.0 
 24   Juanda, DediJuanda, Dedi
Photo of Dedi JuandaFIDE ID: 7101724.
 7101724 Flag of Indonesia   4.0 
 25   Susanto, AndreasSusanto, Andreas
Photo of Andreas SusantoFIDE ID: 7100809.
 7100809 Flag of Indonesia 2033   4.0 
 26   Suryadi, DediSuryadi, Dedi
Photo of Dedi SuryadiFIDE ID: 7101813.
 7101813 Flag of Indonesia   2.5 
 27   Sadeli, SunardiSadeli, Sunardi
Photo of Sunardi SadeliFIDE ID: 7100795.
 7100795 Flag of Indonesia 2059   2.0 
 28   Bean, KeithBean, Keith
Photo of Keith Bean
 Flag of England   1.0 
 VP: Victory points.

PGN 2020.04.08. 4 games. Incomplete. Please help us to complete the games.

2003.02.17-25. Swiss 11 rounds. 28 players. g/120.

The tournament filled the void of international chess events in Indonesia where non-rated players could play and get ratings. According to FIDE regulations, to get rated in a Swiss System tournament a non-rated player should play at least four players with ratings. FIDE will publish his/her rating after playing nine rated players.

Twenty eight players participated in this event. Among them were thirteen rated players. They mostly came from the cities of Java. Anderson Y Harun was the only Sumatera player. He was from Siak, Riau province. Keith Bean was an English who resided at Yogyakarta. Hisar Simanjuntak, Sutarno, and Jamaludin who scored 8 VP each were the three-way tie co-winners. Glad to know that the all non-rated players in this event, except Keith Bean, are now becoming rated.

The sponsor of the tournament was National Master Ruddy Lantang. He was no stranger in the chess patronage business. This was his third. His first was here.

Bing Sardjono was registered as a non-rated player. The truth was he should have a rating years ago. He had played in international tournaments such as Asian Masters 1976 and Asian Team Championship 1977. Bing had been one of the Indonesian leading players for the second half of 1970s. He remained unrated for an unclear reason. That could be the tournaments he played were not sanctioned by FIDE or the FIDE’s (and Percasi’s) recurrence of sloppiness.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Andrean SusilodinataWhite
Andrean Susilodinata
Flag of Indonesia 2073
Photo of A PurwadiBlack
A Purwadi
Flag of Indonesia

3rd Shahcom Rating
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 2003.02.?? Round 2
1-0 B78 Sicilian Dragon: Yugoslav Attack


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