4th Japfa WGMs, Jakarta 2008 
 1   Lǐ, RuòfánLǐ, Ruòfán
Photo of Lǐ RuòfánFIDE ID: 8600643.
POB: Sùzhōu Flag of China.
DOB: 1978.04.30.
DOD: 1978.
Peak Elo: 2433 (2003).
 8600643 Flag of Singapore wg 2423 Knight icon. 1 ½  ½  ½  ½  1   7.0   29.00 
 2   Pokorná, Regina TheisslPokorná, Regina Theissl
Photo of Regina Theissl PokornáFIDE ID: 14902052.
POB: Bratislava Flag of Czechoslovakia.
DOB: 1982.01.18.
Peak Elo: 2429 (2003).
 14902052 Flag of Slovakia wg 2352  0 ½ Knight icon. 1 ½  ½ ½  1  ½   6.5   28.00 
 3   Sukandar, Irene KharismaSukandar, Irene Kharisma
Photo of Irene Kharisma SukandarFIDE ID: 7101937.
POB: Jakarta Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1992.04.07.
Peak Elo: 2432 (2016).
 7101937 Flag of Indonesia wm 2243  ½  0 ½ Knight icon. ½  1 ½  1   6.0   25.00 
 4   Krivec, JanaKrivec, Jana
Photo of Jana KrivecFIDE ID: 14601982.
POB: Šempeter pri Gorici Flag of Yugoslavia.
DOB: 1980.05.30.
Peak Elo: 2362 (2008).
 14601982 Flag of Slovenia wg 2362  ½  ½ ½  ½ Knight icon. 0 ½  1 ½   5.0   22.75 
 5   Pereña Secopito, Catherine ChanPereña Secopito, Catherine Chan
Photo of Catherine Chan Pereña SecopitoFIDE ID: 5202744.
DOB: 1984.08.31.
Peak Elo: 2247 (2007).
 5202744 Flag of Philippines 2234  ½  0  0 ½  1 ½ Knight icon. 1   4.5   16.00 
 6   Thandar, Aye WinThandar, Aye Win
Photo of Thandar Aye WinFIDE ID: 13002864.
DOB: 1983.
Peak Elo: 2332 (2004).
 13002864 Flag of Myanmar wf 2291  0  ½  0  0 ½  0 Knight icon.  1.0   5.75 
 VP: Victory points.
 SB: Sonneborn berger.

PGN 2020.01.17. 30 games. Complete.

2008.04.15-20. 10 rounds Double Round Robin. g/90/30. Rating average 2317. Category III. WGM norm 6. WIM norm 4.5. WGM norm: Irene Kharisma Sukandar. WIM norm: Catherine Chan Pereña.

Mission accomplished. WIM Irene Kharisma Sukandar successfully registered her first WGM norm. She was assured of the norm after settling for a draw with Slovene WGM Jana Krivec in the last round.

Earlier in the half way of the chess tournament the WGM norm prospect looked bleach for the 16-year old Indonesian. Her only full point came from the tail ender WFM Thandar Aye Win of Myanmar. Sukandar scored 2 VP in total meaning she had to score 4 points for the last 5 games. She stunned everyone, herself included, by doing just that. She demolished the eventual champion WGM Lǐ Ruòfán in a 23-move miniature en route to her norm.

Catherine Chan Pereña vs WGM Regina Pokorná in the 4th round, Jakarta 2008. Photo © Potret Catur.
Catherine Chan Pereña vs WGM Regina Pokorná in the 4th round, Jakarta 2008. Photo © Potret Catur.

Filipino woman number one Catherine Chan Pereña too had a successful outing. She clinched her maiden WIM norm with one round to spare. She claimed victories over Thandar Aye Win and Jana Krivec in two consecutive rounds, 8 and 9.

The champion Lǐ Ruòfán of Singapore had justified her high rating. She took over the lead as early as round 2 and stayed on course until the end. Even her defeat to Sukandar in round 9 wasn’t enough to unseat her. Her closest rival was WGM Regina Pokorná of Slovakia who scored half a point back.

Sukandar needed only a few months to complete her full WGM title. She nailed other WGM norms in the 5th Dato’ Arthur Tan Malaysian Open in August and the Dresden Women Chess Olympiad in November to cap the year of 2008 as her annus mirabilis.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Irene Kharisma SukandarWhite
Irene Kharisma Sukandar
Flag of Indonesia wm 2243
Photo of Lǐ RuòfánBlack
Lǐ Ruòfán
Flag of Singapore wg 2423

4th Japfa Festival WGMs
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 2008.04.19 Round 9
1-0 B42 Sicilian Kan: 5.Bd3


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