4th Semarang-Djokdja Match, Semarang 1923 
 1   Semarang Flag of Indonesia 15.512VP
 1   Baay, Jacob GerardBaay, Jacob Gerard
Photo of Jacob Gerard BaayDOB: 1898.
DOD: 1962.
 Flag of Netherlands  ½  ½   1.0 
 2   De Savornin Lohman, Alexander FrederikDe Savornin Lohman, Alexander Frederik
Photo of Alexander Frederik De Savornin Lohman
 Flag of Netherlands  0  ½   0.5 
 3   Kostjoerin, Anatolij NKostjoerin, Anatolij N
Photo of Anatolij N Kostjoerin
 Flag of Netherlands  1  ½   1.5 
 4   LatifLatif
Photo of Latif
 Flag of Indonesia  0  1   1.0 
 5   Engelen, Leendert GerardusEngelen, Leendert Gerardus
Photo of Leendert Gerardus Engelen
 Flag of Netherlands  1  1   2.0 
 6   SlametSlamet
Photo of Slamet
 Flag of Indonesia  1  1   2.0 
 7   GutwirthGutwirth
Photo of Gutwirth
 Flag of Netherlands  1  1   2.0 
 8   Van Doesburg, PHVan Doesburg, PH
Photo of PH Van Doesburg
 Flag of Netherlands  ½  0   0.5 
 9   Siem, Soe HoeSiem, Soe Hoe
Photo of Siem Soe Hoe
 Flag of Indonesia  1  0   1.0 
 10   Guykens, Dirk Johannes JrGuykens, Dirk Johannes Jr
Photo of Dirk Johannes Jr Guykens
 Flag of Netherlands  1  1   2.0 
 11   PlumacherPlumacher
Photo of Plumacher
 Flag of Netherlands  0  1   1.0 
 12   ReydonReydon
Photo of Reydon
 Flag of Netherlands  0  1   1.0 
 2   Djokdja Flag of Indonesia 8.512VP
 1   Bleijkmans, Jan DirkBleijkmans, Jan Dirk
Photo of Jan Dirk BleijkmansPOB: Amsterdam Flag of Netherlands.
DOB: 1875.05.16.
DOD: 1944.12.27.
 Flag of Netherlands  ½  ½   1.0 
 2   Weiss, REWeiss, RE
Photo of RE Weiss
 Flag of Netherlands  1  ½   1.5 
 3   Eggink, Leonard GerardusEggink, Leonard Gerardus
Photo of Leonard Gerardus Eggink
 Flag of Netherlands  0  ½   0.5 
 4   Sinambela, Karel Buntal RajaSinambela, Karel Buntal Raja
Photo of Karel Buntal Raja Sinambela
 Flag of Indonesia  1  0   1.0 
 5   Gerbrands, GJGerbrands, GJ
Photo of GJ Gerbrands
 Flag of Netherlands  0  0   0.0 
 6   Suratno, RadenSuratno, Raden
Photo of Raden Suratno
 Flag of Indonesia  0  0   0.0 
 7   Liem, Mo HanLiem, Mo Han
Photo of Liem Mo Han
 Flag of Indonesia  0  0   0.0 
 8   Jaafar, HajiJaafar, Haji
Photo of Haji Jaafar
 Flag of Indonesia  ½  1   1.5 
 9   Van Iersel, AJVan Iersel, AJ
Photo of AJ Van Iersel
 Flag of Netherlands  0  1   1.0 
 10   Reuter, WillemReuter, Willem
Photo of Willem Reuter
 Flag of Netherlands  0  0   0.0 
 11   Mooy, PHMooy, PH
Photo of PH Mooy
 Flag of Netherlands  1  0   1.0 
 12   Augustinus, AFAugustinus, AF
Photo of AF Augustinus
 Flag of Netherlands  1  0   1.0 
 VP: Victory points.

PGN 2020.07.04. 3 games. Incomplete. Please help us to complete the games.

1923.08.24-25. Team Match 2 rounds. Each team has 12 players.

The 4th in a series of chess matches between two cities, Semarang and Djokdja (Yogyakarta), took place on 24-25th August 1923 at the Jansen Hotel, Semarang, Central Java.

The host managed to beat the guest 15.5-8.5. Semarang, which trailed by 4 points at the start of the match, turned the tables to win the overall series 53.5-50.5. Semarang proved that they were the more balanced team. Djokdja had the multiple Java Kampioen Jan Dirk Bleijkmans on the first board but he couldn’t do much. He had to share the spoil, 1-1, against his arch enemy Jacob Gerard Baay. The worst thing happened to Djokdja was four of their players couldn’t score even half a point.

At that time Semarang and Djokdja, alongside Batavia (Jakarta), Surabaya, and Bandung, became the chess epicenters in Java.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Jacob Gerard BaayWhite
Jacob Gerard Baay
Flag of Netherlands
Photo of Jan Dirk BleijkmansBlack
Jan Dirk Bleijkmans
Flag of Netherlands

4th Semarang-Djokdja Match
Semarang 1923.08.24 Round 1 Board 1
½-½ A83 Dutch: Staunton Gambit


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