7th Japfa Festival Women International, Jakarta 2012 
 1   Burtasova, Anna DenisovnaBurtasova, Anna Denisovna
Photo of Anna Denisovna BurtasovaFIDE ID: 4150740.
 4150740 Flag of Russia wg 2276 Knight icon. 1  ½  1  1  1   6.5   29.25 
 2   Aulia, Medina WardaAulia, Medina Warda
Photo of Medina Warda AuliaFIDE ID: 7101570.
POB: Jakarta Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1997.07.07.
Peak Elo: 2417 (2015).
 7101570 Flag of Indonesia wm 2172  0 Knight icon. ½ ½  ½ ½  1  0   6.0   28.50 
 3   Doluhanova, EvgeniyaDoluhanova, Evgeniya
Photo of Evgeniya DoluhanovaFIDE ID: 14112035.
 14112035 Flag of Armenia wg 2269  ½  ½ ½ Knight icon. 1 ½  1  1 ½   5.5   25.00 
 4   Sihite, Chelsie Monica IgnesiasSihite, Chelsie Monica Ignesias
Photo of Chelsie Monica Ignesias SihiteFIDE ID: 7101198.
POB: Balikpapan Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1995.11.02.
Peak Elo: 2290 (2013).
 7101198 Flag of Indonesia wm 2181  0  ½ ½  0 ½ Knight icon. ½  ½   4.5   23.50 
 5   Gutsko, AnastasiaGutsko, Anastasia
Photo of Anastasia GutskoFIDE ID: 14110563.
 14110563 Flag of Ukraine wg 2328  0  0  0  ½ Knight icon. 1   4.5   20.25 
 6   Jelsen, YemiJelsen, Yemi
Photo of Yemi JelsenFIDE ID: 7101406.
 7101406 Flag of Indonesia 2016  0  1  0 ½  ½  0 Knight icon.  3.0   15.50 
 VP: Victory points.
 SB: Sonneborn berger.

PGN 2020.03.01. 4 games. Incomplete. Please help us to complete the games.

2012.04.15-20. Double Round Robin 10 rounds. g/90/30. Rating average 2207. WGM norm 7.5.

The event ended bitter for the first seed WGM Anastasia Gutsko. She placed in the 5th, only one place better than the tailender Indonesian Yemi Jelsen.

Gutsko actually started very well. The Ukrainian WGM beat Jelsen and Russian WGM Anna Burtasova in the first two rounds. In round 3 she was hit by a shameful accident, her cell phone was ringing. She eventually got forfeited. Aside of a “stupid smartphone” expletive, it was unclear how far the unfortunate event had a bearing to her. In the rest of rounds she could only collect 2.5 more VP.

The champion Burtasova had an almost reversed fate of that of Gutsko. She lost her first two games then she allowed only one more loss and one more draw to take the first berth. She successfully made amends to her last year 3rd place.

Anna Burtasova watches Evgeniya Doluhanova-Yemi Jelsen game. Photo © Bola News.
Anna Burtasova watches Evgeniya Doluhanova-Yemi Jelsen game. Photo © Bola News.

Indonesian WIM Medina Warda Aulia failed to nail a WGM norm but still made herself as a proud runner-up. One of her noteworthy achievements was whitewashing the first seed Gutsko 2-0 in their direct encounters.

The tailender Jelsen most possibly suffered from stage fright. The Women National Champion 2011 had troubles to hold her own against the overseas WGMs. All of her wins came from her compatriots.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Anna Denisovna BurtasovaWhite
Anna Denisovna Burtasova
Flag of Russia wg 2276
Photo of Medina Warda AuliaBlack
Medina Warda Aulia
Flag of Indonesia wm 2172

7th Japfa Festival Women International
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 2012.04.15 Round 1
0-1 C19 French Winawer: Advance Variation


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