8th Indonesia National Championship Challengers, Jakarta 1964 

 8th Indonesia National Championship Challengers Play-Off, Jakarta 1964 

 8th Indonesia National Championship Final Match, Jakarta/Bandung 1965 
 1   Ong, Yok HwaOng, Yok Hwa
Photo of Ong Yok Hwa
 Flag of Indonesia  Jakarta  0  0  0  ½  1  ½  1  1  ½  1  1   6.5 
 2   Bachtiar, ArovahBachtiar, Arovah
Photo of Arovah BachtiarFIDE ID: 7100205.
POB: Banjarmasin Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1934.03.25.
Peak Elo: 2400 (1971).
 7100205 Flag of Indonesia  Kalimantan Selatan  1  1  1  ½  0  ½  0  0  ½  0  0   4.5 
 VP: Victory points.

PGN 2014.05.04. 1 game. Incomplete.

Challengers. Jakarta. 1964.11.??-?. Round Robin 9 rounds. 9 players.
Challengers Play-Off. Jakarta. 1964.11.??-?. Match. 2 players.
Final. 1965.??.??-?. Jakarta/Bandung. Match 12 rounds. 2 players.

The 8th National Championship had the same format as the previous one. The first stage was a round robin competition called Tournament of Challengers held at Jakarta in November-December 1964. The winner would play the defending champion in a 12-round match as the final stage. The match was held in 1965 at two cities, Jakarta and Bandung.

The Tournament of Challengers became a two-horse race between MHS Nainggolan and new kid on the block, Ong Yok Hwa. The tournament ended in a tie between the two so the winner to decide in a play-off match. Ong defeated Nainggolan and won the right to challenge the defending champion Arovah Bachtiar.

In the final stage Arovah played strongly in the first three rounds. He practically rolled over Ong. He led 3-0. At the time the rule stated that the defending champion would keep the title if (s)he beat or drew the challenger. Therefore Arovah needed only 3 more points to keep the title. What happened next was something out of ordinary. Ong suddenly rose to the occasion and forced Arovah to get only 1.5 points for the next 8 rounds. The final score was 6.5-4.5 for Ong. Ong didn’t even need the last round, 12th, to ensure his win.

A speculation off the chessboard claimed that Arovah could not play at his full strength because he was still tired considering Arovah (and Lim Hong Gie) just participated in a tournament at Davao, Philippines in December 1964. Whatever the real reason was Indonesia now had the new champion, Ong Yok Hwa aka Eddy Rusli.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Manuntun Halomoan Sofjan NainggolanWhite
Manuntun Halomoan Sofjan Nainggolan
Flag of Indonesia
Photo of Ong Yok HwaBlack
Ong Yok Hwa
Flag of Indonesia

8th Indonesia National Championship Challengers
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1964.11.??
0-1 B08 Pirc Defence: Classical System


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