8th Japfa Festival WGMs, Jakarta 2013 
 1   l'Ami, Alinal'Ami, Alina
Photo of Alina l'AmiFIDE ID: 1210246.
POB: Iași Flag of Romania.
DOB: 1985.06.01.
Peak Elo: 2446 (2014).
 1210246 Flag of Romania wg 2330 Knight icon. ½ ½  ½  1 ½  ½ ½  1   6.0   29.25 
 2   Milliet, SophieMilliet, Sophie
Photo of Sophie MillietFIDE ID: 623725.
POB: Marseille Flag of France.
DOB: 1983.11.02.
Peak Elo: 2421 (2012).
 623725 Flag of France m 2394  ½ ½ Knight icon. 0  0 ½  1 ½  1   6.0   26.50 
 3   Sihite, Chelsie Monica IgnesiasSihite, Chelsie Monica Ignesias
Photo of Chelsie Monica Ignesias SihiteFIDE ID: 7101198.
POB: Balikpapan Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1995.11.02.
Peak Elo: 2290 (2013).
 7101198 Flag of Indonesia wm 2271  ½  1 Knight icon. ½  ½  ½ ½   5.5   26.50 
 4   Kochetkova, JuliaKochetkova, Julia
Photo of Julia KochetkovaFIDE ID: 4139690.
DOB: 1981.
 4139690 Flag of Slovakia wg 2314  0 ½  1 ½  ½ Knight icon. 1  ½   5.0   23.50 
 5   Aulia, Medina WardaAulia, Medina Warda
Photo of Medina Warda AuliaFIDE ID: 7101570.
POB: Jakarta Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1997.07.07.
Peak Elo: 2417 (2015).
 7101570 Flag of Indonesia wm 2321  ½ ½  0 ½  ½  0 Knight icon. 1   5.0   21.75 
 6   Benmesbah, NatachaBenmesbah, Natacha
Photo of Natacha BenmesbahFIDE ID: 642002.
 642002 Flag of France wm 2261  0  0  ½ ½  ½  0 Knight icon.  2.5   14.00 
 VP: Victory points.
 SB: Sonneborn berger.

PGN 2020.03.01. 30 games. Complete.

2013.04.14-19. Double Round Robin 10 rounds. 6 players. g/90/30. Rating average 2315. Category III. WGM norm 6.5.

WIM Chelsie Monica Ignesias Sihite and WIM Medina Warda Aulia fell short in the 8th Japfa Chess Festival WGMs Tournament. Sihite scored well enough for a plenty of more ratings but not a WGM norm. Aulia was yet to rediscover her last year form when she played amazingly in the Indonesia-France Women Match.

The tournament which was held at Serba Guna Building, Senayan, Jakarta on April 14-19, 2013, was co-championed by Romanian WGM Alina l’Ami and French IM Sophie Milliet. They both collected 6 VP. l’Ami edged out Milliet on a better tie-break to claim the top prize.

The players of 8th Japfa Chess Festival WGMs, Jakarta 2013. Photo © Tribun Sport.
The players of 8th Japfa Chess Festival WGMs, Jakarta 2013. Photo © Tribun Sport.

The standing table shows how tight the competition was. Except WIM Natacha Benmesbah of France who was lagged behind, the other players had fought fiercely to become the champion. l’Ami needed a last round victory to catch up Milliet. At the same round Milliet failed to notch a full point against Slovak WGM Julia Kochetkova while two Indonesian players who still had a shot for the first place drew their game. The tournament was concluded with only a point that separated between the number one (l’Ami) and the number five (Aulia).

Although the host failed to deliver a WGM norm, Eka Putra Wirya, the head of the organizer and a Percasi (All Indonesia Chess Federation) official, had only a praise to the players, “Their WGM title is only a matter of time. Their performances were quite satisfactory.”

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Chelsie Monica Ignesias SihiteWhite
Chelsie Monica Ignesias Sihite
Flag of Indonesia wm 2271
Photo of Julia KochetkovaBlack
Julia Kochetkova
Flag of Slovakia wg 2314

8th Japfa Festival WGMs
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 2013.04.16 Round 5
1-0 B83 Sicilian Scheveningen: 6.Be2 without …a6


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