Alekhine @ Bandung, Bandung 1933 

 Alekhine @ Cepu, Cepu 1933 
 1   De Klerck, ADe Klerck, A
Photo of A De Klerck
 Flag of Netherlands  1 

 Alekhine @ Jakarta, Jakarta 1933 
 1   Bleykmans, DirkBleykmans, Dirk
Photo of
 n/a Flag of Netherlands  1 --
 2   Engelen, JCEngelen, JC
Photo of JC Engelen
 Flag of Netherlands  1  0 -
 3   Frahm, EDGFrahm, EDG
Photo of EDG Frahm
 Flag of Netherlands  ½  1 -
 4   Rogoveen, CMRogoveen, CM
Photo of CM Rogoveen
 Flag of Netherlands  1 --
 5   Rosmuller, Anton JRosmuller, Anton J
Photo of Anton J Rosmuller
 Flag of Netherlands  1 --
 6   Rumat, PFRumat, PF
Photo of PF Rumat
 Flag of Netherlands  ½ --
 7   Van Hasselt, CJVan Hasselt, CJ
Photo of CJ Van Hasselt
 Flag of Netherlands  ½ --
 8   Wertheim, Willem FrederikWertheim, Willem Frederik
Photo of Willem Frederik Wertheim
 Flag of Netherlands  1  0  1 

 Alekhine @ Malang, Malang 1933 

 Alekhine @ Palembang, Palembang 1933 
 1   Barth, JeremyBarth, Jeremy
Photo of Jeremy Barth
 Flag of Netherlands  1 
 2   Geitz, EGeitz, E
Photo of E Geitz
 Flag of Netherlands  1 
 3   Kroese, AKroese, A
Photo of A Kroese
 Flag of Netherlands  1 
 4   Simons, WernerSimons, Werner
Photo of Werner Simons
 Flag of Netherlands  1 
 5   Ward, ABWard, AB
Photo of AB Ward
 Flag of Netherlands  1 

 Alekhine @ Sukabumi, Sukabumi 1933 

 Alekhine @ Surabaya, Surabaya 1933 

 Alekhine @ Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta 1933 

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1933.03.??-??.??. Simultaneous Exhibitions.

Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine, the World Chess Champion of 1927-35 and 1937-46, visited Indonesia (then Netherlands Indies) for the second time in 1933. The first was in 1930.

Alekhine played many simultaneous and blindfold exhibitions at the cities in Java and Sumatera. The record was staggering: 437 wins, 23 draws, and only 9 losses. Those mean 95.6%.

Alekhine at Jakarta, 1933. Photo © Red and White Chess.
Alekhine at Jakarta, 1933. Photo © Red and White Chess.

His biggest loss came from the exhibition held at Yogyakarta. Three players were able to defeat him. They were The Hong Oe, Anang Salman, and Achmad Abdul Satar. The Hong Oe was a famous chess composer. Anang Salman and Achmad Abdul Satar were Banjars (people from South Borneo) who lived at Yogyakarta.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Alexander Alexandrovich AlekhineWhite
Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine
Flag of France
Photo of The Hong OeBlack
The Hong Oe
Flag of Indonesia

Alekhine Simultaneous Exhibition
Yogyakarta Flag of Indonesia 1933.03.03
0-1 B20 Sicilian: Wing Gambit


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