Alekhine @ Surabaya, Surabaya 1930 

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Alexander Alexandrovich Alekhine visited Netherlands Indies (now Indonesia) in 1930. At that time he was the World Champion.

We found only one game from his simultaneous exhibition held at the city of Surabaya. In that game Alekhine won rather easily against Prof Willem Frederik Wertheim. Wertheim lost his queen at move 29 but he still refused to resign until 8 moves later. Wertheim was among the best players in Netherlands Indies.


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  1. Rob van Vuurde says:

    This game was played at 1 March 1933 in Batavia/Jakarta. Both Aljechin and Wertheim were not in Indonesia in 1930.

    • admin says:

      According to my source (Putaran Ketiga Sirkuit Grandmaster Asia Pertama 1978) the game was played in Surabaya 1930. Alekhine visited Indonesia twice in 1930 & 1933. May I know your source? Thanks in advance.

      • rob van vuurde says:

        Wertheim lived in Holland in 1930. He arrived Dutch Indies in 1932.. Sources Tijdschrift Van den Nederlandsch-Indischen Schaakbond.

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