Kostić @ Bandung, Bandung 1925 
 1   Emens, AEmens, A
Photo of A Emens
 Flag of Netherlands  0 

 Kostić @ Klaten, Klaten 1925 

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1925.07.??. Bandung.
1925.08.??. Klaten.

Borislav (Bora) Kostić was a strong chess master from Yugoslavia (now Serbia). During 1923-6 Kostić had been traveling all over the world, producing plenty fine chess exhibitions, from Siberia to Australia. Indonesia was no exception.

Two games from his simultaneous exhibitions are presented here. The first game was between him and A Emens played at Bandung, West Java. The second one was against HCD de Böck. The event was held at Klaten, a city in Central Java. Kostić won 40 games, lost 2 games (to Oeding & A Emens) at Bandung. We have no further information for the Klaten event.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Borislav KostićWhite
Borislav Kostić
Flag of Yugoslavia
Photo of A EmensBlack
A Emens
Flag of Netherlands

Borislav Kostić Simultaneous Exhibition
Bandung Flag of Indonesia 1925.08.??
0-1 B15 English Opening


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  • De Sumatra Post 29/7/1925 Vol 7 No 174
  • Boris Kostić
  • Putaran Ketiga Sirkuit Grandmaster Asia Pertama 1978

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