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FIDE World Championship Anatoly Karpov-Jan Timman Rounds of 13-21, Jakarta 1993

The first half, rounds of 1-12, of Karpov-Timman match was held in Netherlands. The second half was originally planned in Oman but the country withdrew the offer. Until the last game in Netherlands no one was sure should the match be finished. Lucky for FIDE, Indonesia came up as a saviour to organize the second half of the match.

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Vladislav Tkachiev Matches, Jakarta 1996

GM Vladislav Tkachiev played two Indonesian players, GM Edhi Handoko and IM Andi Supardi Suhendra. The late Edhi Handoko belonged to the best players in Indonesia at that time. Andi Suhendra was a talented young player who won Asian Junior Championship 1992 at Dubai. Tkachiev won both matches.

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Utut Adianto-Judit Polgár Match, Jakarta 1996

Indonesian number one GM Utut Adianto Wahjoewidajat played GM Judit Polgár in six rapid games. After four rounds Judit seemed to cruise to easy win with one point lead and two blindfold games to spare. To everyone’s surprise Utut showed his rare talent in blindfold and beat Judit in the last game. The match ended with a tie, 3-3.

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Sofia Polgár Matches, Jakarta 1996

IM Sofia Polgár played three best Indonesian women chess players WIM Maria Lucia Ratnasari Sulistya, WIM Upi Darmayana Tamin, and WIM Lisa Karlina Lumongdong. Despite rating gaps, Sofia failed to play up to her billing. She managed to beat Upi Tamin but failing to win the others. She even slumped to defeat to Lisa Lumongdong.

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Utut Adianto-Anatoly Karpov Match, Jakarta 1997

Indonesian ace, GM Utut Adianto, played a match of his life. He led until the penultimate round by winning one game in normal time control and another in rapid. GM Anatoly Karpov levelled the scoreline after winning the last round played in blindfold. Karpov rode his luck when finally he won the decider in a blitz game.

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Who Won Indonesia National Championships?

We in IndonesiaBase are still working on Indonesia National Championships facts and games. Let us know if you find something incorrect or missing. GM Ardiansyah is holding the record by winning the title five times but GM Susanto Megaranto most possibly would break the record sooner or later.

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DKI Jakarta Team for PON Tryouts, Jakarta 1981

The tryouts involved three clubs and two DKI Jakarta teams. The members of DKI Jakarta PON (Pekan Olahraga Nasional or National Games) team were IM Ardiansyah, Sutan Aritonang, Sarwan Ginting, Herman Kusnadi, and Denny Juswanto. Ardiansyah didn’t participate in these tryouts since he was playing abroad.

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