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10th Indonesia National Championship, Banjarmasin 1969

The event would be long remembered. It not only reached a milestone (10th) and was held in ‘a chess city’ Banjarmasin, South Borneo, but also became a witness to the emerging of the best Indonesian player for years to come. He was Ardiansyah, a 17-year-old high school graduate from Malang, East Java.

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7th National Games, Surabaya 1969

The more the merrier. Pekan Olahraga Nasional (National Games) or PON held the chess event for the very first time. It was certainly warm welcomed by chess enthusiasts all over Indonesia. No less than 152 players of 25 provinces took part. Up to the year of 1969 it went down in history as the biggest in term of the number of participants.

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9th Indonesia National Championship, Jakarta 1967

The 1967 National Chess Championship adopted a new format. First the participants, 30 of them, were divided into 4 qualification pools. From there 12 players plus the defending champion Ong Yok Hwa advanced to the final phase. Arovah Bachtiar and Ong dominated the final with 9 VP each. In the play-off Arovah beat Ong convincingly 2-0.

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Gunadarma Rating, Jakarta 2002

The chess event was designed thoughtfully to pave away unrated players to get ratings. The list of participants showed a good balance between the number of rated players and the non rated ones. The number of rounds was unusual long 11 for a Swiss System tournament with only 50 players participated.

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8th Indonesia National Championship, Jakarta/Bandung 1964-5

Ong Yok Hwa defeated MHS Nainggolan in the Tournament of Challengers Play-off and won the right to challenge the defending champion Arovah Bachtiar. Arovah practically rolled over the challenger in the first three rounds of the final match. In the next rounds Ong suddenly rose to the occasion. The final score was 6.5-4.5 for Ong.

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2nd Putra Samarinda, Samarinda 2003

All members of Indonesian team for Bled Chess Olympiad 2002 participated. They were GM Cerdas Barus, IM Ivan Situru, FM Irwanto Sadikin, FM Awam Wahono, Andi Nur Jabal Ahmad, and Susanto Megaranto. Susanto drew the most of spectators’ attentions. At fifteen he was the hottest rising star in Indonesia.

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7th Indonesia National Championship, Jakarta 1962

The 7th National Championship had a different format than the previous ones. Firstly players had to qualify to represent their regions/provinces. Those players then played in a challenger tournament. Finally the winner of this tournament was arranged to play in a match with the defending champion Baris Hutagalung.

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