DKI Jakarta Provincial Championship, Jakarta 1995 
 1   Mahmud, SyarifMahmud, Syarif
Photo of Syarif MahmudFIDE ID: 7100108.
 7100108 Flag of Indonesia f 2355   8.0   40.0 
 2   Ginting, NasibGinting, Nasib
Photo of Nasib GintingFIDE ID: 7100060.
DOB: 1959.07.14.
Peak Elo: 2430 (1991).
 7100060 Flag of Indonesia m 2390   8.0   39.0 
 3   Sucipto, HaryadiSucipto, Haryadi
Photo of Haryadi SuciptoFIDE ID: 7100779.
 7100779 Flag of Indonesia   7.0   39.0 
 4   KasmiranKasmiran
Photo of KasmiranFIDE ID: 7100620.
 7100620 Flag of Indonesia 2270   7.0   37.0 
 5   Handoko, EdhiHandoko, Edhi
Photo of Edhi HandokoFIDE ID: 7100043.
POB: Solo Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1960.08.28.
DOD: 2009.02.17.
Peak Elo: 2520 (1993).
 7100043 Flag of Indonesia g 2500   7.0   35.5 
 6   Juswanto, DennyJuswanto, Denny
Photo of Denny JuswantoFIDE ID: 7100221.
DOB: 1959.01.21.
Peak Elo: 2520 (2002).
 7100221 Flag of Indonesia f 2405   7.0   33.5 
 7   The, Irwanto SadikinThe, Irwanto Sadikin
Photo of Irwanto Sadikin TheFIDE ID: 7100590.
DOB: 1970.08.06.
Peak Elo: 2517 (2005).
 7100590 Flag of Indonesia f 2445   6.5   33.5 
 8   Muhajir, AhmadMuhajir, Ahmad
Photo of Ahmad Muhajir
 Flag of Indonesia   6.5   28.0 
 9   Tan, Liong Soe ArisTan, Liong Soe Aris
Photo of Liong Soe Aris TanFIDE ID: 7100663.
 7100663 Flag of Indonesia 2275   6.5   25.5 
 10   Suhendra, Andi SupardiSuhendra, Andi Supardi
Photo of Andi Supardi SuhendraFIDE ID: 7100469.
 7100469 Flag of Indonesia m 2205   6.0   38.0 
 11   SuryamanSuryaman
Photo of SuryamanFIDE ID: 7101821.
 7101821 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   36.0 
 12   Barus, CerdasBarus, Cerdas
Photo of Cerdas BarusFIDE ID: 7100094.
POB: Kabanjahe Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1961.01.01.
Peak Elo: 2503 (2003).
 7100094 Flag of Indonesia m 2415   6.0   35.0 
 13   SutarjiSutarji
Photo of SutarjiFIDE ID: 7106149.
DOB: 1963.
 7106149 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   35.0 
 14   ParlindunganParlindungan
Photo of Parlindungan
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   35.0 
 15   Brus, DickBrus, Dick
Photo of Dick Brus
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   33.5 
 16   Hartadi, DidikHartadi, Didik
Photo of Didik Hartadi
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   31.5 
 17   Supriyono, EkoSupriyono, Eko
Photo of Eko SupriyonoFIDE ID: 7100701.
 7100701 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   31.0 
 18   Firdaus, MaksumFirdaus, Maksum
Photo of Maksum FirdausFIDE ID: 7100833.
POB: Medan Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1967.02.23.
 7100833 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   30.0 
 19   Tedy, SukirmanTedy, Sukirman
Photo of Sukirman TedyFIDE ID: 7100175.
 7100175 Flag of Indonesia f 2280   6.0   29.0 
 20   TirtoTirto
Photo of TirtoFIDE ID: 7101058.
DOB: 1965.08.31.
Peak Elo: 2429 (2006).
 7101058 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   28.5 
 21   SudarsonoSudarsono
Photo of Sudarsono
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   27.5 
 22   Setiawan, AkwiSetiawan, Akwi
Photo of Akwi SetiawanFIDE ID: 7100639.
 7100639 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   27.0 
 23   NurdinNurdin
Photo of Nurdin
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   26.0 
 24   Suwandhio, EddySuwandhio, Eddy
Photo of Eddy SuwandhioFIDE ID: 7101104.
 7101104 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   26.0 
 25   Hidayat, ArifinHidayat, Arifin
Photo of Arifin HidayatFIDE ID: 7100876.
 7100876 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   25.5 
 26   Irvan VBIrvan VB
Photo of Irvan VB
 Flag of Indonesia   6.0   25.5 
 27   YunusYunus
Photo of Yunus
 Flag of Indonesia   5.5   32.5 
 28   Iswana, AchyuIswana, Achyu
Photo of Achyu IswanaFIDE ID: 7100671.
 7100671 Flag of Indonesia   5.5   32.0 
 29   Tjhin, IrawanTjhin, Irawan
Photo of Irawan TjhinFIDE ID: 7100612.
 7100612 Flag of Indonesia 2345   5.5   30.5 
 30   Sitanggang, SaudaraSitanggang, Saudara
Photo of Saudara Sitanggang
 Flag of Indonesia   5.5   30.5 
 VP: Victory points.
 SK: Solkoff.

PGN 2020.01.09. 7 games. Incomplete.

1994.05.29-06.10. Swiss 9 rounds. Number of players is unknown.

Jakarta, as many other capital cities in the world, has been fast becoming a melting pot for just about everything. Chess is one example. GM Ardiansyah (ex South Borneo), GM Edhi Handoko (ex Central Java), IM Max Arie Wotulo (ex North Celebes), IM Nasib Ginting (ex Yogyakarta), IM Cerdas Barus (ex North Sumatera), Kasmiran (ex South Sumatera), to name but a few, were all top Indonesian chess players who made Jakarta their home.

The 1995 DKI Jakarta Provincial Championship was almost a mirror of the National Championship with the exception of the absences of GM Utut Adianto and FM Ruben Gunawan. The event also served as a preliminary selection for that year National Championship Qualification. Thirty players would be chosen to go to a further selection to represent the province.

No player had a total domination of the event. Players assumed the lead alternately.

After five rounds only the 1992 Asian Junior Champion, IM Andi Supardi Suhendra, who could register full points. Haryadi Sucipto took over the lead in the next round by beating Suhendra. In round 7 Haryadi could not capitalize anything against Suryaman and was held to draw. He was still in the lead with 6 VP but had been caught by IM Nasib Ginting, FM Syarif Mahmud, and Suhendra. In the penultimate round (8th) Syarif tamed Haryadi while Nasib took care Suhendra.

Going to the last round only three players who still had a shot to the prestigious Jakarta Champion crown: Nasib and Syarif with 7 VP, and FM Irwanto Sadikin with 6.5. A bunch of players with 6 VP had their hopes nothing but dashed-off since Syarif would be playing Irwanto. The winner of the event would reach a minimum VP of 7.5. Both leaders, Syarif and Nasib, didn’t loosen up their grip in the last round. They demolished Irwanto and IM Cerdas Barus respectively.

Syarif and Nasib finally ended up with the same VP (8) but the crown belonged to Syarif on a better Solkoff.

Don’t miss a beautiful knight dance by the champion Syarif Mahmud on the Selected Games section below.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Nasib GintingWhite
Nasib Ginting
Flag of Indonesia m 2390
Photo of Syarif MahmudBlack
Syarif Mahmud
Flag of Indonesia f 2355

DKI Jakarta Provincial Championship
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1995.??.??
0-1 E62 King’s Indian Fianchetto: Panno Variation without …a6


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