Electric Woman Stars Cup, Jakarta 2007 
 1   Pokorná, Regina TheisslPokorná, Regina Theissl
Photo of Regina Theissl PokornáFIDE ID: 14902052.
POB: Bratislava Flag of Czechoslovakia.
DOB: 1982.01.18.
Peak Elo: 2429 (2003).
 14902052 Flag of Slovakia wg 2343 Knight icon. ½  0  ½ ½  1  1   6.5   27.00 
 2   Krivec, JanaKrivec, Jana
Photo of Jana KrivecFIDE ID: 14601982.
POB: Šempeter pri Gorici Flag of Yugoslavia.
DOB: 1980.05.30.
Peak Elo: 2362 (2008).
 14601982 Flag of Slovenia wm 2341  ½ Knight icon. 1  1 ½  0 ½  1 ½   6.0   28.00 
 3   Sukandar, Irene KharismaSukandar, Irene Kharisma
Photo of Irene Kharisma SukandarFIDE ID: 7101937.
POB: Jakarta Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1992.04.07.
Peak Elo: 2432 (2016).
 7101937 Flag of Indonesia wf 2217  1  0 Knight icon. ½ ½  0  1   6.0   25.50 
 4   Karlovich, AnastaziaKarlovich, Anastazia
Photo of Anastazia KarlovichFIDE ID: 14105071.
 14105071 Flag of Ukraine wg 2266  ½ ½  0 ½  ½ ½ Knight icon. ½ ½  1 ½   5.0   22.75 
 5   Zdebskaja, NataliaZdebskaja, Natalia
Photo of Natalia ZdebskajaFIDE ID: 14109956.
 14109956 Flag of Ukraine wg 2335  0  1 ½  1  ½ ½ Knight icon. ½   5.0   22.25 
 6   Lindiawati, EviLindiawati, Evi
Photo of Evi LindiawatiFIDE ID: 7101449.
DOB: 1986.
 7101449 Flag of Indonesia 2133  0  0 ½  0  0 ½  ½ Knight icon.  1.5   8.00 
 VP: Victory points.
 SB: Sonneborn berger.

PGN 2020.01.21. 30 games. Complete.

2007.05.15-22. Double Round Robin 10 rounds. 6 players. Rating average 2272. Category I.

Perusahaan Listrik Negara (State Power Company) sponsored the event. It was no coincidence since the chairman of the company, Eddie Widiono, was also the chairman of Percasi (All Indonesia Chess Federation).

For Slovene WIM Jana Krivec and Indonesian WFM Irene Kharisma Sukandar, the tournament was a hunting ground for the WGM title. They need 7 points of 10 games to snatch a WGM norm. Jana had pocketed 2 norms before the tournament. If she got another norm, that would complete her WGM title. Irene was WIM-elect after she completed the title requirements in 2005 (Jababeka Jakarta) & 2006 (Chess Olympiad Turin). At 15 Irene was the National Champion. Now Indonesia was pinning its hope to her for soon becoming the first Indonesian WGM.

Regina Pokorná and Jana Krivec receive the prize from Eddie Widiono. Photo © Chessbase.
Regina Pokorná and Jana Krivec receive the prize from Eddie Widiono. Photo © Chessbase.

Three players excelled from the rest of the pack with three rounds to go. WGM Regina Pokorná, Jana, and Irene led with 4.5. That meant both Jana and Irene could only lose half a point for the remaining rounds in order to get WGM norm.

In round 8 Irene was in the attacking mood against Jana’s favorite opening, Philidor. She pawn stormed Jana’s king side. Unfortunately Irene got carried away and blundered her queen. Irene’s hope for a WGM norm was nothing but dashed-off. Jana needed 1.5 points more from her last two opponents: WGM Natalia Zdebskaja and Regina. The Slovene WIM had every reason to be optimistic. Natalia had been out of sorts during the tournament and so far scored below 50% while Jana defeated Regina in their first encounter. The drama continued. Unexpectedly Natalia beat Jana in round 9. Natalia produced one of the finest positional games of the tournament behind the black pieces.

Both Irene and Jana had failed to get a WGM norm. Finally Regina concluded the tournament with half a point more from those two players to win the championship trophy.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Irene Kharisma SukandarWhite
Irene Kharisma Sukandar
Flag of Indonesia wf 2217
Photo of Natalia ZdebskajaBlack
Natalia Zdebskaja
Flag of Ukraine wg 2335

Electric Woman Stars Cup
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 2005.05.16 Round 2
1-0 B98 Sicilian Najdorf: 6.Bg5 e6 7.f4 Be7 Sidelines

Photo of Evi LindiawatiWhite
Evi Lindiawati
Flag of Indonesia 2133
Photo of Regina Theissl PokornáBlack
Regina Theissl Pokorná
Flag of Slovakia wg 2343

Electric Woman Stars Cup
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 2005.05.20 Round 7
0-1 C44 Scotch Gambit


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