Gunadarma IMs Circuit 1st Leg, Depok 1994 
 1   Tóng, YuānmíngTóng, Yuānmíng
Photo of Tóng YuānmíngFIDE ID: 8600139.
DOB: 1972.04.21.
Peak Elo: 2510 (1997).
 8600139 Flag of China f 2455   10.0 
 2   Sitanggang, SalorSitanggang, Salor
Photo of Salor SitanggangFIDE ID: 7100051.
POB: Samosir Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1953.06.04.
Peak Elo: 2425 (1995).
 7100051 Flag of Indonesia f 2410   9.0 
 3   Lioe, DedeLioe, Dede
Photo of Dede LioeFIDE ID: 7100566.
DOB: 1970.03.09.
Peak Elo: 2425 (1995).
 7100566 Flag of Indonesia 2315   8.5 
 4   Situru, Nathanael Ivan JonathanSituru, Nathanael Ivan Jonathan
Photo of Nathanael Ivan Jonathan SituruFIDE ID: 7100426.
DOB: 1963.
Peak Elo: 2420 (1995).
 7100426 Flag of Indonesia 2415   8.5 
 5   Lĭ, WénliángLĭ, Wénliáng
Photo of Lĭ WénliángFIDE ID: 8600490.
DOB: 1967.04.21.
Peak Elo: 2506 (2002).
 8600490 Flag of China f 2450   8.0 
 6   Juswanto, DennyJuswanto, Denny
Photo of Denny JuswantoFIDE ID: 7100221.
DOB: 1959.01.21.
Peak Elo: 2520 (2002).
 7100221 Flag of Indonesia f 2325   7.5 
 7   Toh, TerryToh, Terry
Photo of Terry TohFIDE ID: 5800323.
 5800323 Flag of Singapore 2300   7.0 
 8   Sandler, LeonidSandler, Leonid
Photo of Leonid SandlerFIDE ID: 3201805.
 3201805 Flag of Australia f 2320   6.0 
 9   ArdiansyahArdiansyah
Photo of ArdiansyahFIDE ID: 7100027.
POB: Banjarmasin Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1951.12.05.
Peak Elo: 2480 (1987).
 7100027 Flag of Indonesia g 2425   6.0 
 10   Bancod, RonaldBancod, Ronald
Photo of Ronald BancodFIDE ID: 5200938.
 5200938 Flag of Philippines f 2365   6.0 
 11   Gunawan, Ruben MuljadiGunawan, Ruben Muljadi
Photo of Ruben Muljadi GunawanFIDE ID: 7100248.
DOB: 1968.04.17.
DOD: 2005.08.27.
 7100248 Flag of Indonesia f 2345   5.5 
 12   Suradiradja, HermanSuradiradja, Herman
Photo of Herman SuradiradjaFIDE ID: 7100167.
POB: Sukabumi Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1947.10.14.
Peak Elo: 2380 (1981).
 7100167 Flag of Indonesia g 2300   4.0 
 13   Gouw, Kiu Sen FGouw, Kiu Sen F
Photo of Kiu Sen F GouwFIDE ID: 7100531.
 7100531 Flag of Indonesia 2270   2.5 
 14   Suhendra, Andi SupardiSuhendra, Andi Supardi
Photo of Andi Supardi SuhendraFIDE ID: 7100469.
 7100469 Flag of Indonesia m 2295   2.5 
 VP: Victory points.

PGN 2020.01.03. 6 games. Incomplete. Please help us to complete the games.

1994.10.17-24. Round Robin 13 rounds. 14 players. Rating average 2356. Category V. IM norm 8.5. IM titles: Tóng Yuānmíng, Salor Sitanggang, Nathanael Ivan Jonathan Situru, Lĭ Wénliáng. IM norm: Dede Lioe.

The 1993 Chinese National Chess Champion FM Tóng Yuānmíng showed a class of his own. He won the tournament in convincing fashion. He grabbed his last needed IM norm in the process. Another Chinese representative FM Lĭ Wénliáng also did well. He completed his IM title after scoring 6.5 VP in 9 rounds.

Not to be outdone by the guests, Indonesia registered IM norms for three players: FM Salor Sitanggang, Nathanael Ivan Jonathan Situru, and Gunadarma player Dede Lioe. In the case of Sitanggang and Situru, the norms were the last puzzles to complete their IM title. The norm was the first for Lioe.

The host’s veteran GMs, Ardiansyah and Herman Suradiradja, scored less than 50%. Their lack of routines in the international events were evident. It was a bit disappointment especially for Ardiansyah as he was the third seed in the tournament.

Although the winner Tóng Yuānmíng later on peaked 2510 of Elo he has never achieved a GM title. He is best known as one of the first trainers of the youngest ever Women World Champion Hóu Yìfán.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Tóng YuānmíngWhite
Tóng Yuānmíng
Flag of China f 2455
Photo of Ruben Muljadi GunawanBlack
Ruben Muljadi Gunawan
Flag of Indonesia f 2345

Gunadarma IMs Circuit 1st Leg
Depok Flag of Indonesia 1994.10.?? Round 4
1-0 B43 Sicilian Kan: 5.Nc3


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