Indonesia-Australia U16 Match, 2012 
 Australia-Indonesia 3.5-6.5
 1   Cheng, BobbyCheng, Bobby
Photo of Bobby ChengFIDE ID: 4300033.
 4300033 Flag of Australia f 2344   *1-0   Aulia, Medina WardaAulia, Medina Warda
Photo of Medina Warda AuliaFIDE ID: 7101570.
POB: Jakarta Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1997.07.07.
Peak Elo: 2417 (2015).
 7101570 Flag of Indonesia wf 2172 
 2   Liu, YiLiu, Yi
Photo of Liu YiFIDE ID: 3210588.
 3210588 Flag of Australia 2116   0-1   Ali, Muhammad LuthfiAli, Muhammad Luthfi
Photo of Muhammad Luthfi AliFIDE ID: 7103743.
POB: Purbalingga Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1997.08.13.
Peak Elo: 2439 (2017).
 7103743 Flag of Indonesia c 2027 
 3   Matheson, LaurenceMatheson, Laurence
Photo of Laurence MathesonFIDE ID: 3200264.
 3200264 Flag of Australia 2141   *0-1   Setyaki, Azarya JodiSetyaki, Azarya Jodi
Photo of Azarya Jodi SetyakiFIDE ID: 7101589.
DOB: 1998.
Peak Elo: 2217 (2014).
 7101589 Flag of Indonesia 1893 
 4   Chen, PengyuChen, Pengyu
Photo of Chen PengyuFIDE ID: 3212092.
 3212092 Flag of Australia 2056   ½-½   Pasaribu, Ivan Maxmillian PutraPasaribu, Ivan Maxmillian Putra
Photo of Ivan Maxmillian Putra PasaribuFIDE ID: 7104219.
DOB: 2001.08.04.
Peak Elo: 1759 (2012).
 7104219 Flag of Indonesia f 1759 
 5   Pan, AndrewPan, Andrew
Photo of Andrew PanFIDE ID: 3213030.
 3213030 Flag of Australia 2032   *½-½   Setiawan, SuryaSetiawan, Surya
Photo of Surya SetiawanFIDE ID: 7102780.
DOB: 1998.10.14.
 7102780 Flag of Indonesia 
 6   Setiabudi, MeganSetiabudi, Megan
Photo of Megan SetiabudiFIDE ID: 3200434.
 3200434 Flag of Australia wf 1776   0-1   Priasmoro, NovendraPriasmoro, Novendra
Photo of Novendra PriasmoroFIDE ID: 7105029.
POB: Jakarta Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1999.11.24.
Peak Elo: 2498 (2018).
 7105029 Flag of Indonesia 
 7   Narenthran, SavithriNarenthran, Savithri
Photo of Savithri NarenthranFIDE ID: 3213250.
 3213250 Flag of Australia 1749   *0-1   Priguna, Gerald PramoedyaPriguna, Gerald Pramoedya
Photo of Gerald Pramoedya PrigunaFIDE ID: 7105126.
DOB: 2000.01.08.
Peak Elo: 1865 (2013).
 7105126 Flag of Indonesia 
 8   Simmonds, Leteisha SimoneSimmonds, Leteisha Simone
Photo of Leteisha Simone SimmondsFIDE ID: 3208699.
 3208699 Flag of Australia 1676   *1-0   Fisabilillah, UmmiFisabilillah, Ummi
Photo of Ummi FisabilillahFIDE ID: 7104804.
DOB: 2000.02.10.
Peak Elo: 1852 (2012).
 7104804 Flag of Indonesia 
 9   Mithran, MiraklaMithran, Mirakla
Photo of Mirakla MithranFIDE ID: 3209180.
 3209180 Flag of Australia 1658   *½-½   Pratama, Constantius LeonardoPratama, Constantius Leonardo
Photo of Constantius Leonardo PratamaFIDE ID: 7104677.
DOB: 2001.08.12.
 7104677 Flag of Indonesia 
 10   Gu, ShirleyGu, Shirley
Photo of Shirley GuFIDE ID: 3216039.
 3216039 Flag of Australia   0-1   Saputra, DavidSaputra, David
Photo of David SaputraDOB: 2001.09.26.
 Flag of Indonesia 

PGN 2014.09.17. 9 games. Complete.

2012.04.21. 1 round Team Match. Each team has 10 players.

Indonesia defeated Australia 6.5-3.5 in an internet U16 chess match on April 21, 2012. The match was held on server.

The Australian team was made up of players most aged 14 or 15. The Indonesian team, featuring WFM Medina Warda Aulia on the first board, included younger players between 10-15 who had already achieved Asian or ASEAN titles in their age categories. The Chessaroo played from four cities in Australia: Brisbane, Canberra, Sydney, and Melbourne while Indonesia team played from Sekolah Catur Utut Adianto (Utut Adianto Chess School) at Bekasi.

Before the event began the Australians were hot favorites considering the big FIDE rating’s gap between the two team. Indonesia had forewarned Australia that their low FIDE ratings could not be severely underestimated, due to a lack of internationally rated opportunities for their players. In fact 6 out of 10 players of Indonesian team had no ratings.

The warning became reality during the match. The scoreline didn’t even do justice to reflect Indonesian team domination. The winning margin could be greater. Medina and Ummi Fisabilillah were on the unlucky side to get forfeited due technical problems. Medina suffered from an internet disconnection at move 36 in an equal position against FM Bobby Cheng. Ummi had the same problem. Her opponent, Leteisha Simmonds, didn’t need to make a single move to win.

The event was part of Australia’s U16 squad preparation for the 2012 Youth Olympiad in Turkey later in the year. Indonesia had a different agenda. Little known to Australia, Indonesia was ‘guilty’ for fielding two members of the Indonesian 2012 Olympiad Women Team. They were WFM Medina Warda Aulia (born on July 7, 1997) and Ummi Fisabilillah (born on February 10, 2000).

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Azarya Jodi SetyakiWhite
Azarya Jodi Setyaki
Flag of Indonesia 1893
Photo of Laurence MathesonBlack
Laurence Matheson
Flag of Australia 2141

Indonesia-Australia U16 Match 2012.04.21 Board 3
1-0 B18 Classical Caro-Kann: 4…Bf5 sidelines

Photo of Gerald Pramoedya PrigunaWhite
Gerald Pramoedya Priguna
Flag of Indonesia
Photo of Savithri NarenthranBlack
Savithri Narenthran
Flag of Australia 1749

Indonesia-Australia U16 Match 2012.04.21 Board 7
1-0 B01 Scandinavian Defence


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