Utut Adianto-Jan Timman Match, Jakarta 2006 

 Susanto Megaranto-Eugenio Torre Match, Jakarta 2006 
 1   Torre, EugenioTorre, Eugenio
Photo of Eugenio TorreFIDE ID: 5200016.
POB: Iloilo City Flag of Philippines.
DOB: 1951.11.04.
Peak Elo: 2580 (1983).
 5200016 Flag of Philippines g 2552  0  ½  1  ½  0  1   3.0 
 2   Megaranto, SusantoMegaranto, Susanto
Photo of Susanto MegarantoFIDE ID: 7101384.
POB: Indramayu Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1987.10.08.
Peak Elo: 2569 (2007).
 7101384 Flag of Indonesia g 2492  1  ½  0  ½  1  0   3.0 
 VP: Victory points.

 Irene Sukandar-Jana Krivec Match, Jakarta 2006 

PGN 2020.01.08. 12 games. Incomplete. Please help us to complete the games. All rapid games are missing.

2006.11.07-11. 3 Matches in 2 rounds Rapid and 4 rounds Classical each.

Chess has been contested in the 15th Asian Games at Doha, Qatar, December 2-14 2006. Rapid chess was held for men and women as well as a mixed classical chess competition. The tryouts were part of Indonesian team’s preparation for the event. They consisted of three matches involving three members of Indonesian team and three overseas players. GM Utut Adianto played Dutch GM Jan Timman. The year Indonesia National Champions GM Susanto Megaranto and WFM Irene Sukandar were paired with Filipino GM Eugenio Torre and Slovene WIM Jana Krivec respectively.

Veteran GMs, Jan Timman and Eugenio Torre, had already passed their prime but were still respectable players as their rating suggested. In 2006 former World Champion Challenger Timman won prestigious Sigeman & Co in Malmö Sweden. In the same year Torre was ranked second in the strong Calgary International Canada. Jana Krivec was no stranger to the Jakarta chess public. It was her second appearance at the city. The first was in the Jababeka Women International 2005 which she co-championed with WGM Nana Alexandria.

The first day of the matches in the rapid time control saw the Indonesian players defeat their opponents convincingly 4.5-1.5. Adianto won the first game in a 19-move-miniature only to blunder and to hand over a victory to Timman in the second game. The star of the first day was Sukandar. She swept off Krivec 2-0. In the classical matches the guest players upstaged a successful comeback. Except Timman who lost to Adianto, the others, Torre and Krivec, proved better than their respective opponents, Megaranto and Sukandar. The overall score was 10-8 for Indonesia.

The tryouts ended on a high note to Indonesian players. On hindsight if a tryout is held too close to the actual event, there would be a danger that the players might get burned out. The 15th Asian Games started in only about three weeks after these tryouts.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Utut Adianto WahjoewidajatWhite
Utut Adianto Wahjoewidajat
Flag of Indonesia g 2589
Photo of Jan Hendrik TimmanBlack
Jan Hendrik Timman
Flag of Netherlands g 2565

Utut Adianto-Jan Timman Match
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 2006.11.10 Round 5
1-0 D37 Queen’s Gambit Declined: Classical Variation (5.Bf4)


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