Irene Sukandar-Sopiko Guramishvili Match, Jakarta 2004 
 1   Guramishvili, SopikoGuramishvili, Sopiko
Photo of Sopiko GuramishviliFIDE ID: 13602888.
 13602888 Flag of Georgia wf 2130  0  1  1  1  1  0   4.0 
 2   Sukandar, Irene KharismaSukandar, Irene Kharisma
Photo of Irene Kharisma SukandarFIDE ID: 7101937.
POB: Jakarta Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1992.04.07.
Peak Elo: 2432 (2016).
 7101937 Flag of Indonesia  1  0  0  0  0  1   2.0 
 VP: Victory points.

PGN 2020.03.05. 6 games. Complete.

2004.07.12-16. Match 6 rounds. 2 players.

The event was yet another delight from Eka Putra Wirya, a well known chess patron in Indonesia. It was merely a gift to Irene Kharisma Sukandar for her achievement in the Girls World Youth Chess Championship U12, a year back at Halkidiki, Greece. Irene placed herself at 6-9th and beat more experienced players en route. WFM Sopiko Guramishvili was the runner-up in the same event.

Sopiko and Irene in action. Photo © Gatra.
Sopiko and Irene in action. Photo © Gatra.

The gap of class between these two was arguably noticeable as Sopiko showed her domination throughout.

Sopiko was a student of the famous Nana Alexandria Chess School in Georgia. Nana Alexandria has played for Women World Champion crown thrice.


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