Jakarta GMs, Jakarta 1986 
 1   Popović, PetarPopović, Petar
Photo of Petar PopovićFIDE ID: 900109.
 900109 Flag of Yugoslavia g 2540   10.0 
 2   ArdiansyahArdiansyah
Photo of ArdiansyahFIDE ID: 7100027.
POB: Banjarmasin Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1951.12.05.
Peak Elo: 2480 (1987).
 7100027 Flag of Indonesia m 2430   10.0 
 3   Gunawan, RonnyGunawan, Ronny
Photo of Ronny GunawanFIDE ID: 7100035.
DOB: 1960.03.01.
Peak Elo: 2460 (1984).
 7100035 Flag of Indonesia m 2440   9.5 
 4   Wahjoewidajat, Utut AdiantoWahjoewidajat, Utut Adianto
Photo of Utut Adianto WahjoewidajatFIDE ID: 7100019.
POB: Jakarta Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1965.06.13.
Peak Elo: 2615 (1997).
 7100019 Flag of Indonesia m 2445   9.5 
 5   Ree, HansRee, Hans
Photo of Hans ReeFIDE ID: 1000098.
POB: Amsterdam Flag of Netherlands.
DOB: 1944.09.15.
Peak Elo: 2520 (1980).
 1000098 Flag of Netherlands g 2450   8.5 
 6   Hulak, KrunoslavHulak, Krunoslav
Photo of Krunoslav HulakFIDE ID: 14500060.
 14500060 Flag of Yugoslavia g 2540   8.0 
 7   Marjanović, SlavoljubMarjanović, Slavoljub
Photo of Slavoljub MarjanovićFIDE ID: 900354.
 900354 Flag of Yugoslavia g 2515   7.0 
 8   Zapata Ramírez, AlonsoZapata Ramírez, Alonso
Photo of Alonso Zapata RamírezFIDE ID: 4400011.
 4400011 Flag of Colombia g 2495   7.0 
 9   Sitanggang, SalorSitanggang, Salor
Photo of Salor SitanggangFIDE ID: 7100051.
POB: Samosir Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1953.06.04.
Peak Elo: 2425 (1995).
 7100051 Flag of Indonesia f 2335   5.5 
 10   Ginting, NasibGinting, Nasib
Photo of Nasib GintingFIDE ID: 7100060.
DOB: 1959.07.14.
Peak Elo: 2430 (1991).
 7100060 Flag of Indonesia 2305   5.5 
 11   Gunawan, Ruben MuljadiGunawan, Ruben Muljadi
Photo of Ruben Muljadi GunawanFIDE ID: 7100248.
DOB: 1968.04.17.
DOD: 2005.08.27.
 7100248 Flag of Indonesia f 2330   3.5 
 12   Handoko, EdhiHandoko, Edhi
Photo of Edhi HandokoFIDE ID: 7100043.
POB: Solo Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1960.08.28.
DOD: 2009.02.17.
Peak Elo: 2520 (1993).
 7100043 Flag of Indonesia m 2440   3.0 
 13   Kileng, BennyKileng, Benny
Photo of Benny KilengFIDE ID: 7100086.
DOB: 1954.06.06.
Peak Elo: 2395 (1982).
 7100086 Flag of Indonesia f 2395   3.0 
 14   Bachtiar, ArovahBachtiar, Arovah
Photo of Arovah BachtiarFIDE ID: 7100205.
POB: Banjarmasin Flag of Indonesia.
DOB: 1934.03.25.
Peak Elo: 2400 (1971).
 7100205 Flag of Indonesia m 2345   1.0 
 VP: Victory points.

PGN 2020.01.08. 11 games. Incomplete. Please help us to complete the games.

1986.10.??-?. Round Robin 13 rounds. 14 players. Rating average 2428. Category VIII. GM norm 9.5. IM norm 7.

The event is the most successful chess tournament held in Indonesia to date in term of producing GM norms. Three players who had the honor were IM Ardiansyah, IM Utut Adianto Wahjoewidajat, and IM Ronny Gunawan. Ardiansyah nailed his second and last GM norm.

Ardiansyah played the tournament of his life. He exceeded the GM norm requirement by half a point and became the co-champion with Yugoslav GM, Petar Popović. Despite losing twice to Ronny Gunawan and GM Slavoljub Marjanović, Ardiansyah confidently scored 10 VP for the rest of the games. He also won the direct encounter against the other half champion, Popović. Along the way Ardiansyah produced a number of beautiful games which inevitably drew an admiration from the audience. A fellow participant, GM Hans Ree of Netherlands, joined the unison lavishing a praise to Ardiansyah’s performance.

The other Indonesian players were less fortunate than the GM norm gainers. They placed well under all of the guest players. The tournament almost certainly brought the curtain down on the veteran IM Arovah Bachtiar’s international career. His golden years had been a distant past. The required strength and focus were simply not on his side anymore.

FIDE, in their next congress, approved unanimously Ardiansyah’s GM title. Utut Adianto delivered another GM norm at the Dubai Olympiad, December that year. Ronny Gunawan mysteriously took to a different path. In the next few years he had been vanished from the chess arena for a long long time. He was back at Telin International 2011 but was no longer a chess powerhouse he used to be.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of ArdiansyahWhite
Flag of Indonesia m 2430
Photo of Petar PopovićBlack
Petar Popović
Flag of Yugoslavia g 2540

Jakarta GMs
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1986.10.??
1-0 B59 Classical Sicilian: 6.Be2 e5 7.Nb3

Photo of Utut Adianto WahjoewidajatWhite
Utut Adianto Wahjoewidajat
Flag of Indonesia m 2445
Photo of Alonso Zapata RamírezBlack
Alonso Zapata Ramírez
Flag of Colombia g 2495

Jakarta GMs
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1986.10.??
1-0 E63 King’s Indian Fianchetto: Panno Variation with 7…a6


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