Merlep Ginting-Lodewijk Prins Match, Jakarta 1956 
 1   Prins, LodewijkPrins, Lodewijk
Photo of Lodewijk PrinsFIDE ID: 1001566.
DOB: 1913.01.27.
DOD: 1999.11.11.
 1001566 Flag of Netherlands m  1  0   1.0 
 2   Ginting, MerlepGinting, Merlep
Photo of Merlep Ginting
 Flag of Indonesia  0  1   1.0 
 VP: Victory points.

 Baris Hutagalung-Lodewijk Prins Match, Jakarta 1956 

 Arovah Bachtiar-Lodewijk Prins Match, Banjarmasin 1956 

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Merlep Ginting-Lodewijk Prins Match. Jakarta. 1956.02.24-?. Match 2 rounds.
Baris Hutagalung-Lodewijk Prins. Jakarta. 1956.??.??-?. Match 4 rounds.
Arovah Bachtiar-Lodewijk Prins. Banjarmasin. 1956.??.??-?. Match 3 rounds.

A famous Dutch chess master Lodewijk Prins visited Indonesia in 1956. A non-profit organization Stichting Culturele Samenwerking (Cultural Cooperation Foundation) was the sponsor.

Lodewijk Prins was among the best Dutch chess players in more than quarter a century (1939-65). His résumé includes accolades from Leeuwarden (1940), Amsterdam (1940), Beverwijk (1948), and Madrid (1951). In 1952 he qualified for the interzonal tournament. At the twilight of his career he was still good enough to become the Dutch National Champion 1965. FIDE made him an honorary GM in 1982.

Merlep Ginting vs IM Lodewijk Prins, Jakarta 1956. Photo © Sejarah Catur Indonesia 1986.
Merlep Ginting vs IM Lodewijk Prins, Jakarta 1956. Photo © Sejarah Catur Indonesia 1986.

Prins spent two and half months traveling around Java, Sumatera, and Borneo. He played at cities of Java such as Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, and Semarang. In Sumatera he played at Medan and Pematang Siantar. He also visited the home of the 1st Indonesia National Champion Arovah Bachtiar, the city of Banjarmasin, South Borneo.

Beside playing many simulataneous exhibitions he also involved in a match on equal-terms basis against the then best Indonesian players. Merlep Ginting and Baris Hutagalung played him at Jakarta while Arovah Bachtiar had his turn at Banjarmasin. Prins could only manage to snatch a narrow victory over Hutagalung and Bachtiar. Against the Tanah Karo Champion Merlep Ginting he had to split the score, 1-1.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Merlep GintingWhite
Merlep Ginting
Flag of Indonesia
Photo of Lodewijk PrinsBlack
Lodewijk Prins
Flag of Netherlands m

Merlep Ginting-Lodewijk Prins Match
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1956.02.24 Round 1
0-1 B14 Caro-Kann: Panov-Botvinnik Attack


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