Medina Aulia-Janelle Frayna Match, Jakarta 2018 

PGN 2020.02.09. 5 games. Complete.

2018.11.13-17. Match 5 rounds. 2 players. g/90/30. Rating average 2289.

WGM Medina Warda Aulia played Philippine WGM Janelle Mae Frayna in a 5-round chess match. The event was held at the Ministry of Youth and Sport. It was part of Japfa Festival 2018. Medina was the second Indonesian WGM while Janelle was the first Philippine WGM. They were about the same age (both were born in 1997).

Before the match began the question was not who was going to win the match but rather how big the margin of the final scores would be. It wasn’t only suggested by the gap of their current Elo ratings (Medina’s 2366 compared to Jenelle’s 2241). Janelle’s form actually was in downward trajectory. She reached 2325 of Elo in March 2017 only to see it steadily sliding down. She came second in the 2018 Japfa WGM but it was hardly a worthy addition to her résumé. The tournament rating average was 2229 which was not even good enough for category I tournament.

Medina Aulia-Janelle Frayna Match, Jakarta 2018.. Photo ©
Medina Aulia-Janelle Frayna Match, Jakarta 2018.. Photo ©

Medina played in high gear early from the start. She won the first game with some tactical assaults. She notched another win in the third round after drew the second. She then turned the hiatus mode on and was satisfied with draws in fourth and fifth round. The final scoreline was 3.5-1.5 for Medina.

The match also served as a warm-up for the players before they competed in the Asian Continental Championship held at Makati, Philippines, scheduled for December that year. Janelle might have a revenge plan at her disposal should their paths cross again.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Medina Warda AuliaWhite
Medina Warda Aulia
Flag of Indonesia wg 2366
Photo of Janelle Mae FraynaBlack
Janelle Mae Frayna
Flag of Philippines wg 2241

Medina Aulia-Janelle Frayna Match
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 2018.11.15 Round 3
1-0 B19 Caro-Kann: Classical, Spassky Variation


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