FIDE ID 7100191. Born at Karo, North Sumatera, 1946. Died at Medan, North Sumatera, 2008.06.11. Peak rating 2340 (1975). NM 1972.

Rating History

• 1975.01.01  2340
• 1977.01.01  2245
• 1980.01.01  2305
• 1981.01.01  2330
• 1981.07.01  2280
• 1984.01.01  2275
• 1985.01.01  2295

Moanang Sinulingga entered the national chess stage with a bang. As a relatively unknown chess player he was able to keep up with national mainstay players such as IM Ardiansyah, Arovah Bachtiar, MHS Nainggolan, Eddy Suwandhio, etc in the 1972 National Championship. Ardiansyah, the only international titled player in the event, became one of his victims. His game against Arovah Bachtiar was such a battle that needed to be adjourned. This game ended in draw.

He had a unique style of play. The movement of his chess pieces often surprised his opponents. He did not hesitate to sacrifice the chess pieces that have become the hallmark of the Karo chess. Pieces like rooks or queens were “not very valuable” to him.

He grabbed the National Master title in this championship. Monang then participated in many international and national events.

He traveled to Hong Kong (1980 and 1981 Asian Intercity and 1980 Asian Master Circuit), Dacca Bangladesh (1980 International GM), Penang Malaysia (1984 Asian Intercity), Nice France (1974 Olympics), and Tessalonika Greece (1984 Olympics).

He also won prestigious awards in the domestic arena. He carried North Sumatra team to the 1973 PON (National Sport Games) gold medal as well as becoming the best playerr on the first board. He won individual events such as the 1982 Wahono Cup and the 1991 Habibie Cup. All Indonesian GMs at that time (Herman Suradiradja, Ardiansyah, and Utut Adianto) played in this last mentioned event.

NM Monang Sinulingga died at the age of 62 on June 11, 2008 after suffering from diabetes for more than ten years. He was buried in his home village Lingga, Karo, North Sumatera. Monang has left for good but his golden trails stay with us, to say at very least.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of ArdiansyahWhite
Flag of Indonesia m 2340
Photo of Monang SinulinggaBlack
Monang Sinulingga
Flag of Indonesia

13th Indonesia National Championship Final
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1972.06.16
0-1 C41 Philidor: Exchange Variation

Photo of Monang SinulinggaWhite
Monang Sinulingga
Flag of Indonesia
Photo of Glenn BordonadaBlack
Glenn Bordonada
Flag of Philippines

21st Chess Olympiad Preliminaries G
Nice Flag of France 1974.06.08 Round 2 Board 4 Indonesia-Philippines
1-0 B10 Caro-Kann

Photo of Monang SinulinggaWhite
Monang Sinulingga
Flag of Indonesia 2280
Photo of Raja Ravi SekharBlack
Raja Ravi Sekhar
Flag of India m 2405

2nd Asian Masters Circuit 2nd Leg
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1983.05.24
1-0 A29 English Opening: Four Knights Variation


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