Narsar Karokaro Exhibition, Java 1913 
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NISB (Nederlands Indische Schaakbond) invited the Tanah Karo champion, Narsar Karokaro Purba (aka Si Narsar) to visit Java for the first time in 1913. The second time was in 1916.

In the cities of Java Narsar played many chess exhibitions both simultaneous and matches against the Java’s strongest players. Unfortunately we can’t find any games from the exhibitions except one. The game appeared on page 189 of British Chess Magazine May 1914 edition. So far this is the oldest game on IndonesiaBase. The age is not only the interesting part of the game though but also the extra ordinary stalemate position.

Narsar Karokaro-NN, Java 1913
Narsar Karokaro-NN, Java 1913

Well, was the game actually played?


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  1. Narsar in Batavia January 6, 1914 (see Nieuwe Rotterdamsche Courant, 25-02-1914)

  2. Narsar
    1. Koningsloopergambiet; Gespeeld te Soerabaia, den 23sten December 1916. Wit: D. Bleijkman vs Zwart: Si Narsar. Hier is de zaak mede gedaan. Si Narsar speelde evenwel nog door, misschien in de hoop op een bok van zijn tegenstander.
    43 …… ; K h 7 – g 6
    44 T f 5 — b 5 ;T g 7 – e 7
    45 Lb3 — c41; K g 6 – b 6
    46 Lc4—d3; T e 7 — e6
    47 Kh 1 – g 2; Te6 —e8
    48 h 2 – h 4; T e 8 – g 8f
    49. K g 2 – f3; Opgegeven,
    Wit gebruikte denktijd; Zwart uur en 9 minuten beuur en 50 minuten
    (Zie zet 36 van Zwart)

    2. Hollandsche Partij. Gespeeld te Soerabaia, den 26sten December 1916. Wit: Si Narsar. Vs Zwart: D. Bleijkmans

    Source: SCHAKEN. Ter herinnering aan het 20-jarig bestaan VAN DE Soerabaiasche Schaakclub. Nov. 1896-Nov 1916. TYP. J. A l . CHS. NIJLAND, SOERABAIA

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