Sofia Polgár-Maria Lucia Match, Jakarta 1996 
 1   Sulistya, Maria Lucia RatnasariSulistya, Maria Lucia Ratnasari
Photo of Maria Lucia Ratnasari SulistyaFIDE ID: 7100370.
 7100370 Flag of Indonesia wm 2190  1  0   1.0 
 2   Polgár, SofiaPolgár, Sofia
Photo of Sofia PolgárFIDE ID: 700231.
 700231 Flag of Hungary m 2480  0  1   1.0 
 VP: Victory points.

 Sofia Polgár-Upi Tamin Match, Jakarta 1996 
 1   Polgár, SofiaPolgár, Sofia
Photo of Sofia PolgárFIDE ID: 700231.
 700231 Flag of Hungary m 2480  1  1   2.0 
 2   Tamin, Upi DarmayanaTamin, Upi Darmayana
Photo of Upi Darmayana TaminFIDE ID: 7100353.
 7100353 Flag of Indonesia wm 2175  0  0   0.0 
 VP: Victory points.

 Sofia Polgár-Lisa Lumongdong Match, Jakarta 1996 
 1   Lumongdong, Lisa KarlinaLumongdong, Lisa Karlina
Photo of Lisa Karlina LumongdongFIDE ID: 7100400.
 7100400 Flag of Indonesia wm 2140  1  ½   1.5 
 2   Polgár, SofiaPolgár, Sofia
Photo of Sofia PolgárFIDE ID: 700231.
 700231 Flag of Hungary m 2480  0  ½   0.5 
 VP: Victory points.

PGN 2020.03.05. 6 games. Complete.

1996.12.12-18. Match 2 rounds. g/60′ in 23 moves + 60′. 4 players.

IM Sofia Polgár played three best Indonesian women chess players WIM Maria Lucia Ratnasari Sulistya, WIM Upi Darmayana Tamin, and WIM Lisa Karlina Lumongdong.

Despite rating gaps, Sofia failed to play up to her billing. She managed to beat Upi Tamin but failing to win the others. She even slumped to defeat to Lisa Lumongdong.

The event was part of Indonesia-Hungary chess meeting which involved another match, the big enchilada, GM Utut Adianto vs GM Judit Polgár.

Selected Games (viewer © ChessTempo)

Photo of Sofia PolgárWhite
Sofia Polgár
Flag of Hungary m 2480
Photo of Maria Lucia Ratnasari SulistyaBlack
Maria Lucia Ratnasari Sulistya
Flag of Indonesia wm 2190

Sofia Polgár-Maria Lucia Match
Jakarta Flag of Indonesia 1996.12.12 Round 1
0-1 C82 Open Ruy Lopez: 9.c3 without 9…Be7


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