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Japfa Classic, Denpasar 2000

The newly wed GM Judit Polgár wrapped up the tournament neatly to give herself a memorable present and another pinnacle in her career. The event produced a strange game when GM Ruben Gunawan agreed to draw in much better position against GM Utut Adianto. The Japfa Classic is the highest rated tournament in Indonesia to date.

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1st Jakarta Shahcom Invitational, Jakarta 2000

This is a rather unique event with two engines among 16 participants, Fritz 6 by the duo programmer Frans Mörsch and Mathias Feist, and Rebel by Ed Schröder. IM Nathanael Situru won the event. Situru started with a loss to Fritz 6 but he recovered immediately winning all the rest of the games.

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Japfa Classic Open, Denpasar 2000

The tournament was the open version of Japfa Classic Chess Tournament which was held several days earlier at the same city. Four overseas players were in pole positions: GM Darmen Sadvakasov, GM Nordmund Miezis, GM Buenaventura Villamayor, and GM Jaan Ehlvest. Kazakhstani Sadvakasov had the best tie-break.

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