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14th World Microcomputer Championship, Jakarta 1996

World Microcomputer Chess Championship (WMCC) was an annual event organized by the ICGA. In this 14th WMCC in Jakarta, Stefan Meyer-Kahlen’s Shredder from Germany became the champion. Israel’s Junior had been denied entry to Indonesia and as a result a number of programs pulled out in protest.

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1st Jakarta Shahcom Invitational, Jakarta 2000

This is a rather unique event with two engines among 16 participants, Fritz 6 by the duo programmer Frans Mörsch and Mathias Feist, and Rebel by Ed Schröder. IM Nathanael Situru won the event. Situru started with a loss to Fritz 6 but he recovered immediately winning all the rest of the games.

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DKI Jakarta Provincial Championship, Jakarta 1980

Twenty one years old Denny Juswanto became the champion of DKI Jakarta for the second time. The first was in 1973 when he was only 14 years of age. The win was decided in the ultimate round when he beat Fabian Lumentut. The future Indonesian ace Utut Adianto had no better than 13th place.

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