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1st Japfa Festival, Jakarta 2003

This is when a legend began. Following the successful chess events that they held in the past, Japfa Comfeed Indonesia decided to hold a giant chess event. They dubbed it as a festival rather than a tournament and they really meant it. The inaugural Japfa Festival broke the record as the chess event with the most participants in Indonesia. It was attended by no less than 556 players.

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National Masters, Ambon 1994

The event turned out to be GM Edhi Handoko’s exhibition. He scored mercilessly, 18 VP out of 20 games or 90%. The one man show was easy to predict since no other national chess élite participated. NM Nessy Suheri, NM Cecep Kosasih, and NM Abir Dipo were probably the closest ones that could give Handoko a decent game.

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Edhi Handoko (1960-2009)

Edhi Handoko was dubbed as Indonesian new star after winning national championship in 1978 as a teenager. But as what happened to many Indonesian talents, he somewhat failed to live up the expectation. He finally got his GM title when his age had already caught up. Still he was the most decorated chess player in Indonesia.

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