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Monang Sinulingga (1946-2008)

Monang Sinulingga had a unique style of play. The movement of his chess pieces often surprised his opponents. He did not hesitate to sacrifice the chess pieces that have become the hallmark of the Karo chess. Pieces like rooks or queens were “not very valuable” to him. He won many prestigious awards in the chess arena. He has left for good but his golden trails stay with us, to say at very least.

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Lugito Hayadi (1940-2016)

A chess-master-turns-successful-lawyer Lugito Hayadi (aka Lim Hong Gie) has a habit to be ‘the first’ of many things. He is among the first Indonesian NMs. He got the title at only 15 that practically made him the first Indonesian chess wonder kid. ICCF awarded him an IM Corr title in 1965. He is the first Indonesian ever to get that title.

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Tan Hoan Liong (1938-2010)

Tan Hoan Liong, aka Tan Hiong Liong, has a special place in Indonesian chess history. He was the first Indonesian to hold International Master title, or any international title awarded by FIDE in that matter. Tan got the title after his achievement in Hoogovens Tournament at Beverwijk, Netherlands 1963.

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Ruben Muljadi Gunawan (1968-2005)

GM Ruben Gunawan was one of the most talented players to have ever graced Indonesia. Many believed his talent was better than that of GM Utut Adianto. Ruben showed his potential at the early age when he won National Championship U16 at Bandung 1982. The achievement gave him the right to play in Asian Junior Championship 1983.

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Utut Adianto Wahjoewidajat

It is not easy to avoid superlative words when we are talking about Utut Adianto Wahjoewidajat. He was awarded a GM title after his outstanding performance in Dubai Chess Olympiad 1986. At 21-year old he was the youngest GM in Asia Pacific. Utut’s triumph in the Zonal Championship 1995 made him the first Indonesian to pass 2600 Elo mark.

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Cerdas Barus

What makes Cerdas Barus a unique chess player is not only he is a GM but he is deaf. He hails from Kabanjahe, Tanah Karo, a land known for a tradition of producing many excellent chess players such as Narsar Karokaro, Si Tumbuk, Si Ngukum, Merlep Ginting, Monang Sinulingga to name a few.

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Herman Suradiradja (1947-2016)

Herman Suradiradja is the first Indonesian GM. He ‘graduated’ from Bulgaria. He got all of his GM norms in that country. The first norm was at Primorsko in 1977. A year later he completed his GM title at Plóvdiv where he became a co-champion with Ermenkov, ahead of Palatnik, Pintér, Tringov, and Minić.

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