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2nd DKI Jakarta Invitational NMs, Jakarta 1982

IM Ardiansyah owned Jakarta in those years around. He practically swept over chess competitions at the city. This tournament was no exception. Ardiansyah won the master section quite easily with 1.5 points cushion to the runner-up Sutan Aritonang. The non-master section was co-championed by Edward L Tobing and Harry Siregar.

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Asian GMs Circuit Jakarta Leg, Jakarta 1994

The tournament was all about Edhi Handoko. Handoko won category X tournament for the first time and he did it in convincing manner. He won five games and let only one loss. He topped the table ahead of many strong GMs: Tkachiev, Serper, Hráček, Blatný, and a bunch of Chinese best players Xú Jùn, Yè Jiāngchuān, Xiè Jūn, and Yè Róngguāng.

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3rd Indonesia National Championship, Jakarta 1955

Baris M Hutagalung finally could defend his title but not in easy way by all means. He needed help from Arovah Bachtiar in the last round to beat the new kid on the block Lim Hong Gie (aka Lugito Hayadi). Baris had to compete neck-to-neck with Lim and now matured Max Arie Wotulo. In fact it was Lim who led all the way until penultimate round.

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2nd Indonesia National Championship, Tegal 1954

The championship consisted of two stages. The qualification was played at Tegal, Central Java, in April 1954. The final was held at the same city from June 5th to 10th, 1954. The domination of Jakarta players was unavoidable. The city, spearheaded by the champion Baris M Hutagalung, placed six finalists out of thirteen.

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2nd Asian Masters, Jakarta 1976

GM Eugenio Torre showed that he was in a class of his own. He won the tournament easily. One and half a point adrift was Giam Choo Kwee from Singapore. He secured the IM norm with Indonesian Arovah Bachtiar and Jacobus Sampouw, and Filipino Rico Mascariñas. This was the second norm for Giam. Soon he was elected to IM.

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FIDE Zonal 11, Bogor/Jakarta 1987

FIDE Zonal 11 Championship constituted a preliminary round for the World Chess Championship 1987 preceding the Interzonal. At the final stage Chinese players played ‘I let you win’. The unethical conduct damaged the tournament to the extent of beyond repairable. The President of FIDE Zonal 11 declared that the final stage was void.

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24th Indonesia National Age Group Championship, Batam 2006

The event was held at the city of Batam, Kepulauan Riau province. We could call it a festival instead of a championship with total participants close to 600 players. It was strange to find out that U18G and U20G sections lacked of interests. The two had to merge into one with separate calculations for the winners.

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