FIDE has good news for all norm holders. Now norms have no expiration date. The caveat, according to the FIDE Handbook, is that the norms gained before July 1st 2005 must be re-registered with FIDE before July 1st 2013 or they will be considered to have expired.

Indonesia has produced 7 GMs. The latest addition is GM Susanto Megaranto from 2004. The country has been starving of a new GM for ten years. This post lists all Indonesian players who got GM norms but haven’t yet completed all the requirements of the GM title. They could take benefits from the new rule. In alphabetical order:

Photo of Awam WahonoAwam Wahono
1963.12.21 (58)
2405 (2000.01.01)

Photo of Denny JuswantoDenny Juswanto
1959.01.21 (62)
2520 (2002.07.01)

Photo of Irwanto Sadikin TheIrwanto Sadikin The
1970.08.06 (51)
2517 (2005.07.01)

Photo of Ronny GunawanRonny Gunawan
1960.03.01 (61)
2460 (1984.07.01)

Photo of TirtoTirto
1965.08.31 (56)
2429 (2006.10.01)

Ronny Gunawan has only himself to blame for his failure to secure a GM title when he was at his peak. At the time he got his norm, the requirement of the minimum rating was 2450 and the total of norm games was 24. He had already surpassed the minimum rating. He needed only one more norm in an 11-round tournament to become a GM.

Awam Wahono and Tirto have still a long way to go to become a GM. They need to rise their best rating to 2500 and the number of the norm games to 27.

The most realistic chance to become a GM is in the hands of Denny Juswanto and Irwanto Sadikin. Denny needs only 4 norm games. Irwanto registered his GM norm in Chess Olympiad which is worth of 20 norm games. Seven more norm games will be enough for him to nail his GM title.

Gunadarma in 1993 and 1994 sponsored GM tournaments with an almost single purpose: to give an opportunity to Edhi Handoko to fulfill the GM title. Edhi did the job successfully. Why can’t we follow in Gunadarma’s footsteps for at least Denny and Irwanto?

Hopefully this post would serve as a remainder to the player himself, Percasi (All Indonesia Chess Federation), and all other Indonesian chess shareholders that we still have an unfinished homework.


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